Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carter turns 3

On October 17th {officially at 1:59pm}, my sweet baby boy turned 3.  I really, really can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  We have had many trials over the last few years, and I caught myself saying many times that Carter was my light in the joy...God gave us that sweet boy at the right time.  The kids certainly kept my focus somewhat in the right place and I am eternally grateful.  

{celebrating on his actual birthday with donuts}

Moving on ;)  We celebrated this sweet boy on Saturday the 19th with a Pumpkin Painting Party!! 
Thanks to my buddy, Holly, for the precious invites!

He was so excited for his party.  I made the mistake of mentioning it a few days prior; all he could talk about was his party and his pumpkins.  The 19th started out brutally cold and rainy, which made me sad because we had also booked a bounce house.  Thankfully, the skies cleared and the sun came out!  It was a great day!  The kids jumped, painted, ate, and celebrated with our boy!

Thanks to KK for snapping always alleviates some of the stress at the birthday parties!

{I am "3"}

{Painting pumpkins with friends}

{Pumpkin Decor}

{pic 1 is our norm and sums us all up perfectly // take 2 is after several other takes ;)}

{Austin enjoying Carter's new bike}

{Thanks Birdie and Sam for Carter's new bike}

{sweet friends}

{He loves his new Train from KK & Chandler}

{Riley // 11 years old}


Carter also celebrated at Cindy's house on his actual birthday...he requested BLUE cupcakes.  All the kids were stained blue for a day or two ;)
I will be forever grateful for Cindy and NayNay and all they do for our boy.  They have taught him so much more than I ever could have during his first few years of life!  So thankful!

Also, that night, we all headed to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate!  That was also Carter's request!

{it wasn't too long ago that we had to stand him inside the game so that he could make the he has no problem shooting the ball over the glass.  He's getting big!


Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate our precious boy!  I look forward to seeing what the next year holds with this crazy kid!  Carter, we love you very much!  Happy Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Go Commando 5k

Last weekend, I ran the Go Commando 5k with Lauren & Brittnye (she did the 1/2).  It was cold, rainy, and a bit miserable...but, I had my best finish in a 5k EVER!  I ranked 189 out of 700 runners!  Not to shabby!  My Map My Run App said I averaged 9:10 per results from the race said more like 9:26 per mile...I'll take the Apps word for it ;)  I was so pleased with my time!  This coming weekend, we are running in the APSU Homecoming 5k!  It's going to be I'm a bit nervous but excited to see if I can beat last weekends time!

Pumpkin Patch & Circus

We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather {that has suddenly turned bitterly cold as of today} so Columbus Day Weekend we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch.  Our favorite one to visit is Honeysuckle Hills Farm in Coopertown, TN.  It's about 20 minutes away from us but so worth it because of all the activities they have to offer: train rides, pumpkin picking, pumpkin shooting, petting zoo, etc!  The kids had a blast and were worn out...but we decided to drag them to the Shriner's Circus that night anyway ;)  We did have FREE tickets so I felt like it was justified!

We only stayed at the Circus until was already pushing 9pm and it was only half way done.  Everyone in the Jenkins Family was was such a fun day!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lately...Life Happenings

I have been terrible about keeping up with this blog lately.  Life just gets in the way.  Plus we are down one person at things have been just a tad buy ;)
Here are a few snapshots at our Life Lately:

I took this photo of Chloe on our way into Hananoki a few weeks ago.  I thought she looked like a little hippie :)  Wearing this headband was here idea too...I was proud of her fashion choice!

I've been doing a bit of running lately.  I have a 5K this coming Saturday so I know that I have to be somewhat prepared.  This run was down Fairway Lane a few weeks ago....if you don't know, Fairway Lane consists of hills and more hills.  DIE!
This run was last weekend. I set out to do 4 miles...I got close and I was pretty okay with my pace {Ted Crozier Blvd}!

Carter likes to throw fits these days.  Terrible "almost" 3's I guess.  He was mad because we didn't have a movie in the car...that would be because he takes the "movie boxes" out every day...he looked like this the whole way home! 

Blake and I ate at Rosepepper in East Nashville recently. It was delicious!  

I slacked on my photos for Homecoming week. But I did snap this one of Chloe on Blue / Gold Day!  She was sporting her Cougars head band and Homecoming shirt! 

Cindy sent me this picture of Carter's tower!  He wanted Mommy & Daddy to see! 

We had a visit with Baby Bennett!  Chloe was like a little Mommy...she was so excited to hold a fresh newborn! 

On October 3rd, we attended March of Dimes Best of Clarksville.  Jenkins & Wynne was nominated for "Best Place to Buy a Vehicle" & "Best Service Shop"
Happy and proud to say that we won in both categories!  This was our 13th straight year winning "Best Place to Buy a Vehicle"
Above: Accepting the award with some of the J&W Team // Carter being sweet while watching Chloe dance // Chloe stretching for her performance // Walking with Mrs. Becky // Carter hugging the creepy Micky Mouse

Blake and I took my Mom and Sam to the Titans Game recently as well.
Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs
It was rainy and gloomy but we still had a nice time!

Carter had croup we headed to visit our favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Roads.  You can tell below that he didn't feel so bad...that is always how it is when we are at the Doctor! 

Dinner date with Austin Reigle...they hugged each other without being prompted.  Thankful Brittnye captured the moment because it was so sweet!  They will for sure be best buds! 

Chloe being dramatic while doing homework...well, as of today, I'm no longer aloud to call her Dramatic...she got kind of upset! ;( 

Finally, I was craving some Chipotle recently but didn't feel like waiting in I made my own yummy version at home!  Good stuff!

Whoa!  Major picture overload!  Glad to have it somewhat caught up...up next, my Baby Boy turns 3!!!!