Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrating my 29 years...

Well, 364 more days until I'm 30 so I'm going to enjoy every.last.second of my 20's starting now! 
Today has been a wonderful day so far and it's only half way over.
Of course, I'm thrilled with all the Facebook Love!  Nothing makes you feel more loved than waking up to so many "Happy Birthday" messages!  Thanks friends!
I also woke up to fun Birthday wishes from Blake & Chloe; Carter doesn't quite get it yet!

Chloe & I wanted to mark the occasion...

Chloe said we must do a silly one...

My Mom sent me the most beautiful flowers to work!
I can always count on her to send me flowers on my most special days! 
I love it!

Blake took me to a quick lunch at O'Charleys {YUM} & gave me the sweetest card from him and the kids...
Funny, huh?
Inside?  Well, a fabulous Eden Day Spa gift card for a facial, manicure & pedicure!
He knows me so well!  I can't wait to use it! 
Thanks Babe!

Tonight, we are headed to the Nashville Sounds game with Chloe and 2 other families.
Chloe is so excited & I couldn't think of a better way to spend my 29th Birthday...good quality friend & family time!

Here's to another great year!  Looking forward to what 29 has to offer!
Bring it on!

Oh, wanted to share my outfit today...
in honor of my birthday I decided to be bright and cheery!
Loving my new UT Orange khakis and my new turquoise bubble necklace!  

Happy Day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Here's what I'm Lovin' today:

I'm Lovin' a little Daddy & Carter L.O.V.E!
Carter is Blake's shadow these days!

I'm Lovin' Chloe's 1st 100% on her very 1st spelling test!
I'm beaming with pride over this!
I think I may frame it :)

I'm Lovin' our bathroom 'face lifts.'
I did some DIY in the kids bathroom to spruce it up and make it more unisex...
and I changed out somethings in our bathroom as well to tie it to our bedroom colors a bit more.
{the adorable 'Jenkins' hanger was my b-day gift from my sis-in-law, Casey! It's precious}
{$20 worth of frames from Goodwill, free printouts thanks to Pinterest, & some white spray paint..
Tada!  I'm in love with the way these came out}

I'm Lovin' my other birthday present...
may I present the new lady in my life....
My newest Kate Spade bag...Thanks Mom & Dad for the early birthday present!
I love her :)

I'm Lovin' this personalized Otter Box!  I must own this...hopefully soon!
I had NO IDEA you could get them like this!  Precious!
{considering the crack in my screen, I think I need a more heavy duty case...this may just be the winner}

I'm Lovin' these sweet pictures that my brother-in-law, Scott, sent amazing sis-in-law, Casey, did her very 1st FULL IRONMAN this past Sunday!  She did amazing and was smiling every mile...just take a look at these pictures!  Congrats Casey!  We are all so very proud of your accomplishment!  Sad we couldn't be there to share in your journey, but we were thrilled to follow along via Instagram!

I finally got back on board with #photoadayaug so I'm Lovin' the September photos!
Do you have Instagram? If so, you should totally join in!
Follow along with me @franjenkins

Finally, I'm Lovin' these 2 kiddos!
They have both been so sweet lately! 
They have also been taking advantage of the somewhat cooler temperatures 
lately by playing on their swing set!

Sweet Dreams!

What are you Lovin' today?
Until next time, 
fran j.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My loves!

 I know they are mine...
but, I love these 2 little faces.
I snagged these from my buddy, Mary.  These are from Kathryn's precious 4th birthday party {back at the end of July}!
The kids had a big time running around the First Baptist playground & eating yummy cake and cupcakes! 
**as you can see, Carter & our little buddy Austin were twins this particular day! 
Enjoy the sweetness!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This little boy...

is the sweetest thing.

Let me set the stage:
I was putting Carter in the car after picking him up at Cindy's yesterday afternoon.
He always eats fruit snacks while we walk to the car.
I buckled him in and handed him his snack back....
and then I hear those 3 sweet words:
"Love You Mom"
{disclaimer: I've been trying to get him to say "Love You" for months now}

My cup runneth over.
He melts my heart on an hourly basis.
I'm truly blessed with 2 precious babies!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

I'm Linkin' up with Jamie for...

I'm Lovin' that....
This past weekend, we headed to Charleston, SC, for a fabulous destination wedding!  Our long-time friend, Matt Brandon, got married and it was a perfect excuse for a quick weekend get away!  We've been to Charleston once before, and I was beyond thrilled to get the chance to go back.

I'm Lovin' my new scarf from Fleur de Lis 
{travel attire}

Blake and I headed out Thursday morning.  That night, we ate an amazing dinner at a Thai restaurant called Basil.  I've never had Thai, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed.  We had a great time.  I got to meet the Bride's sister who lives in China...crazy, right?  After that, we headed to a bar called Henry's and danced & partied the night away.  
{dinner @ Basil}

I'm Lovin' Bike Taxis...first time for everything!  These wonderful inventions saved my feet from extreme pain on Friday morning!
Walking a  mile in heels would NOT BE FUN!

Oh, Blake was hungry around midnight, so he grabbed a pizza and brought it to the club--very typical Blake!  Not only did he bring a pizza in, it was a 24 in!  YUM!

I'm Lovin' pool lounge time!  All by myself I might add!  Much needed Kindle and iPod time!

and I'm Lovin' Moe's Southwest Grill.  While Blake golfed with the guys, I did some shopping and had a nice lunch for 1!!!

I'm Lovin' that we were so touristy and ate at Bubba Gumps.  It's so good!  We enjoyed some shrimp and a cocktails before the wedding festivities started!

I'm Lovin' the beautiful wedding of 2 wonderful friends--Crystal & Matt!
{married at the Citadel}

Finally, I'm Lovin', my FAB new Blog Look!
Thanks to my wonderful co-worker-in-crime, Amanda, for the redesign!
Thanks Amanda!

What are you Lovin' today? 

1st day of 1st grade

Well, last Monday, Chloe officially became a 1st grader at Clarksville Academy!  It was a big day...sadly, it was super rainy and yucky that morning, but we made the best of it for our now annual 1st day of school photo shoot.  Monday was just a 1/2 day, so Blake and I sent her off for a few hours to meet her new teacher and new classmates.  This year, she has 14 kids in her thankful for the small environment because I know she gets the 1-on-1 attention she needs at this age.  She had several of the same kids in her class this year as last so that was a positive as well!  We couldn't be more thrilled that Mrs. Kemmer is her 1st grade teacher...Kelsey goes to Church with us and has babysat my niece many, many times so we know she is GREAT and super enthusiastic!  I know she will bring that excitement to her new 1st graders as well!   

{We got her a pair of Cougar Paw earrings as a 1st Day of School treat...
she's excited to wear them on Spirit Days}  

{sitting at her new desk next to her buddy Rishab}

Chloe, Mommy & Daddy are so excited for you to embark on your second year of school!  We know you are thirsty for knowledge and are so excited to learn!  I hope that you always stay that way!  Work hard!  It will pay off!  We are so proud of you!
Love, Momma and Daddy

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Love Letters Vol. 3


Dear Sweet Chloe, in just 3 short days you embark on your second year of 'real' school...WOW! First Grade! I can't believe how fast you are growing up. PLEASE STOP! Though we have butted heads a ton over the last year, I am amazed every day at how much you are maturing right before my eyes.  You are the sweetest big sister and such a good helper to Me & Daddy!  Please always stay sweet, pure, and fun loving!  Your have a perfect combination of SASS, DRAMA, and TENDERNESS; I hope you never loose that!  I love how excited you are about your first day of love the build up {so do I} of getting new clothes, school supplies, a new back pack!  I live for this stuff & I know you do too.  I'm so glad we got to have a few precious hours together yesterday eating lunch and doing girl stuff!  It makes me think ahead of what it will be like when you are old enough to want to shop with me..picking out a prom dress...even a wedding dress.  You are my first born, my first love {motherly love that is} and I couldn't be more proud to call you my own!  I love you Chloe Elizabeth!

{skirt as a shirt, YES please}

{last day at the Settlement...she was pretty excited!!}

Until next time!
Fran J.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

About to be over the mid-week hump & I'm so excited that we are closer to Friday!
I'm Linkin' up with Jamie today for...

I'm Lovin' our trip to Holiday World.
If you haven't heard of this amazing water & theme park, you need to check it out!
It's located about 2 1/2 hours from here in Santa Claus, Indiana.
You heard right, Santa Claus.
The park is great for kids of all ages, but it was exceptional for Chloe!
We hung out in the water park area for the first 1/2 of the day & ended in the main park.
We rode tons of rides, got in the wave pool, went down a few water slides, and even watched a Dive Show.
It was well worth the drive to have one last "hoorah" with Chloe before school starts!

{make shift fort on the way to Holiday World}

{she wasn't quite ready to go on the swings; so she took a seat and watched Daddy...maybe next time}

{first driving lesson...thankfully there was something keeping the car on track...}

{second driving lesson...very serious this one} 

I'm Lovin' my new Karama clutch.  This is a ministry that my Sister-In-Law brought to my attention.  She showed us the amazing things these women are making so I knew I had to show my support!  Everything they sell is hand made in Africa!  By purchasing items from them, you are giving them the opportunity to sustain life!  Take a moment and see for your self:

I'm Lovin' my new Kindle Fire Case.  I'm really Lovin' that it was only $13.80 {shipped and all}. 
Thanks Amazon!

I'm Lovin' this girl.
We went to Nashville this past Sunday to shop for school...sadly, the great coupon I was planning on using wasn't good until this weekend {I guess I should have read the fine print}.  So we enjoyed a nice lunch at Panera with Brittnye & Austin, did a bit of browsing, and headed home!  I love her patience...we will definitely take advantage of that coupon this coming weekend!

I'm Lovin' these Pinterest quotes: 

What are you Lovin' today?