Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am just in love with this precious longall that my sweet friend, Haven, gave me today...she knows I adore anything with a monogram! Thanks Haven :)  This will be perfect for Easter 2011!

Also, Chloe's Halloween costume came in the mail last night. Before I would throw away the box, I had her try it on...I wanted to make sure of 2 things...1-that it fit (it's a 4T-6T) and 2-that she will even wear it! She seemed pretty happy in it! So sweet!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carter's Baby Shower

Thanks so much to my Mom and Monika! Last Saturday, they were gracious enough to throw me a shower for our sweet Baby Boy! He got lots of great treats! Lots of great things with his name on it too..which I love :) Everything is put away in its proper, we are just counting down the days until October 20th!
My Mom and I (I'm like 3x's her size)
"I'm the Little Brother" Onsie
Me and the BFF--she is due in January and you can barley tell :)

Carter is going to be a big boy...well, at least I hope so!

**Not the best angle** September 12th--34 weeks

September 18th (Carter's Shower)--35 weeks

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Well, we are now counting down the days until Carter Blake makes his arrival! Dr. A said he thinks October 20th sounds like a good day for him to enter the world! Okay, I am A-OK with long as he stays put until then. My actual due date is October, I'm going to be pushing 40 weeks! YIKES! But, I have no complaints (real ones anyway) about this pregnancy so I'm happy being pregnant for a few more weeks! Dr. A says he needs to stay in there and cook a while longer, and I couldn't agree more! Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday to the Cutest 4 Year Old We Know!

Monday was Chloe's 4th Birthday...I have to say, it makes me kind of sad. She is growing up SO fast...I really want time to stop sometimes. We had her "Ballerina" Birthday Party on Saturday morning. We could not have asked for better weather...especially since I'm 8 months pregnant and could not have survived being outside in 100 degree heat! So, thank you for that! :) My Mom rented Chloe this huge obstacle course. The kids absolutely loved it! It definitely got lots of use! We grilled out and did cake & presents! It was a great day with lots of great family and friends! Thanks for celebrating with us :)

By the way, Chloe could not be happier that she is now 4! That is ALL she could talk about the entire weekend! I can't imagine what she is going to do on the real milestones like 16, 18, & out! :)
Her fun party outfit!

Showing it off :)
Putting the ballet slippers on her cake.

Chloe loves her new scooter! Thanks Papa!
Before the madness of the party!

Chloe and Anna
A little bit of the decor! Thanks Mrs. Gail for the sweet tutu!
Blowing out her "4" candles!
Grandy, Jenks, and Chloe
Check out the belly. Carter wanted to be included too :) Only 5 more weeks to go!

The best family shot we got before my camera died :(