Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Say "Hello" to Miss Chandler

Well, early this morning (at 6:15am to be exact), Chloe's newest playmate made her grand entrance. Chandler Kate Combs weighs in at 7.7 lbs and 20 inches long! Here are a few pictures of the Proud Mommy and Daddy, Grandy, Jenks, and the Proudest Aunt and Uncle you have ever seen!!!
Chandler, thanks for making my life complete--I am a daughter, a wife, a mommy, and now an AUNT!! I could not be more excited for this new edition to our little clan! She is already so loved! Can't wait for you to meet Cousin Chloe!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a weekend

I am tired. That is all I have to say. We ran and ran and ran non-stop this weekend. Saturday was jam packed with fun activities for all of us. We started the day at Gymnastics...Chloe was excited that her Daddy joined in for the fun! She enjoyed the class as always! Straight from Gymnastics, we headed to Alec's Doggy Birthday Bash. He turned 1 year old! It was a fun party--everything was Doggy themed. The food was served in Dog creative and fun! We ate hot dogs and yummy cupcake! After the party, Chloe headed to Papa's house to go to the Zoo! Blake and I also headed to Nashville to the Dave Matthews Concert. The concert was AMAZING! We went with great friends. Not only did we get to see Dave, but Jason Mraz was the opening act! Love him! :) After the concert we went to Chili's...would you believe that at 11pm, there was a 20 minute wait!? I was blow away. Needless to say, my hungry stomach was not happy!!! Sunday was very low key (thankfully). Blake put together Chloe's water / sand toy that Grandy and Jenks got her. She had fun for hours!! We also took a great nap....much needed. I was happy to lay my head down on the pillow after the insane weekend...very tired! I am telling you, I love doing, but it gets tiring :)
Here are a few other pictures of my "Bug"....
Chloe and Addison swinging!
Addison and Jack being sweet :)
She loved this swing!!
The Birthday Boy!!
Me, Ashley, and Haven before Dave...this is the corner of our hotel room at the DoubleTree. It was a pretty neat room!!
Blake and I :)
Chloe enjoying Sunday's 80+ degree weather! (isn't this thing cute--picnic table and little pool / sand box. She loves it!
Random Pictures:
Being Silly.
Daddy helped Chloe write her name. Pretty good, huh? He said he didn't really help her...and I believe him :)
Chloe loving on her baby dolls!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Office

Every time the Mulberry Bush calls me while I'm at work, my heart drops. Usually it means that Chloe is sick OR that she has chipped her tooth (only happened that once :))! Well, yesterday I got a call from Dorothy (the office manager).....Chloe was in trouble and was sent to the office. From what I can gather, Chloe was playing with a toy and another child wanted to play too....well, that did not sit to well with Chloe, so she pulled the poor little girl's hair. She then proceeded to tell her teacher "NO" and kick and scream like a banshee. Needless to say, they did not want to deal with it so they marched her sassy butt up to the office. Dorothy, in an attempt to calm Chloe down, threatened to call me if she did not straighten up. After threatening 2 times, Dorothy had no other choice but to call me. When I got to the daycare to pick her up...she was sulking in the time out chair. She slowly got up to come over to me and when I would not pick her up, she started to cry. It did make me feel bad...this is very out of character so I am not sure if it is a fluke or if it is the TERRIBLE TWOS sneaking in. On a side note, Blake took a half day yesterday and planned to put together this great toy that Grand and Jenks got Chloe for Easter. It is a Sand Box / Picnic Table and Umbrella all in one (it can also be a little pool). Blake was going to put it together for her as a treat, but once we found out she was bad, it stayed put in the garage. Hopefully she will shape up this week so that she can enjoy the fun treat they got her (Thanks Grandy and Jenks)!
Any advice on how to squash this type of behavior? The only problem is that she never acts like makes it a little harder to discipline her, which I am not good at anyway!!!!
It is hard to be mad at this sweet face :)

Funny Car Conversation

On Sunday night, we were on our way home from Brittnye and Steven's house (they cooked us a yummy dinner)....and Chloe asked the following (funny) question:

Chloe: "Mommy, what is that?"
Me: "An RV."
Chloe: "I don't like RVs. I do like orange school buses though."

Chloe is obsessed with big "orange" school buses. She points them out everywhere we go! A few funny things about my girl--she constantly asks "Who bought that?" For example, the shoes on her feet...."Who bought that?" The answer usually consists of Mommy and Daddy. Not sure why she picked that question up. Also, she likes to say "I don't like..." Last night, we ate pasta, veggies, and lamb for dinner. She told us that she did not like any of it...even though she continued to eat it!!! Finally, she always says stuff scares her. I think that is the funniest of them all. I guess it is good that she uses different emotions to describe how she feels, even if it might not be the right emotion!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gymnastics Fun!

Chloe has really started getting into Gymnastics. We go every Saturday morning at Action...I really like it there...they are very organized! Last week she did all the stretches and activities that Coach Tiffany wanted her too! I was so proud. Here are a few pictures of her favorite thing--the single trampline--and the parachute they played with at the end!

*Doesn't she look so big in the last picture? Like a little girl...where did my baby go?

Hard at Work

Good Friday Chloe came to work with Mommy...She is already a hard worker! (Thanks KK for the great picture)

Easter Weekend.

We had a pretty eventful weekend. I just love always seems to be kind of hectic, but always so much fun! I really love Easter now that I have a little girl to share it with. A few weekends ago, I took Chloe to Grace's Easter Egg Hunt. It was not quite what I expected...well, not for her. They had it blocked off into 5 & under and then 5 & above. The only problem is that Chloe is not quite as aggressive as other kids. Needless to say, Chloe only got 1 egg :( I was so sad for my girl. But, her friend Sylas came over and quickly gave Chloe several of her eggs. I think her Mom was a little more helpful than I was. I was trying to video tape and take pictures at the same time...I was obviously too ambitious. With all that being said, I wanted to stage our own little Easter Egg Hunt at home with just Chloe (so she could get all the eggs). The plan was set for Sunday. We planned to go to Church, eat lunch with Casey and Scott, Nap, and then have the Egg Hunt. Well, the day went as planned until Chloe decided not to nap until 2:30. She did not wake up until almost 6pm!!! By that time it was rainy and dreary! Easter Egg Hunt. Even though Easter has already passed, I might go ahead and do the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend...I mean, I did already stuff like 50 eggs for her! All in all, it was a great holiday. Here are a few pictures from Easter Sunday and the infamous Egg Hunt!
Grace Community Church's Easter Egg Hunt**
Waiting for the Hunt to begin...
Still waiting!
Checking out her 1 egg (the 1 in her hand was one that we brought with us!!)!
Easter Sunday**
The treats that the Easter Bunny brought Chloe!
Checking out her loot after Church!
Daddy helping Chloe with her new baseball mitt and ball (purple of course!!) Thanks Easter Bunny Grandy and Jenks :). Chloe also got a little basketball goal and ball from Easter Bunny Birdie! :)

More treats....
Opening up her treat from KK and Scottie. It was a My Little Pony with Easter Bunny Ears. So cute. Chloe's theme for her basket was My Little Pony's!
Finally, "reading" books with Uncle Scottie after lunch. Chloe loves to "read." Basically, she flips through every single page, one by one, and then moves on to the next!!
It was a very Happy Easter! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chandler Kate Combs

Last Sunday, Casey had one of her baby showers for Miss Chandler Kate. We are expecting Chandler to make her appearance in just a few short weeks! Casey and Baby Combs got so many sweet things! It truly made me want to have another baby just so I could buy sweet onesies and newborn clothes....well, we can probably hold off!! Here is a pictures of Casey with her cute little belly (Casey and I have a picture just like this from when I was pregnant with Chloe)!

The Host's of the shower made this adorable (functional) diaper cake! So creative and cute!!

Future Bus Driver

Chloe stayed with her Grandy and Jenks last weekend. When Blake and I came to pick her up the next morning...this is what we walked in to. She had lined up all her chairs and shopping carts to make a bus! Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen :) She is so creative. Note that they are perfectly straight. I have to say, she is just like her Momma...very anal! Each baby has her own seat! Thanks Grandy for the picture! I will always cherish this!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Been Tagged

5 Things I Was Doing 5 Years Ago:
1. In the middle of my Spring Semester of my Junior Year at APSU
2. I was working at Pier 1 Imports as an Assistant Manager
3. I had just got engaged and was starting to plan our wedding for July 23, 2005
4. Active Member of Chi Omega Women's Fraternity
5. I was actually Vice President of my Sorority at the time (I believe...may be getting my timeline messed up!)

5 Things I'll Do Tonight:
1. Pick Chloe up from my Mom's House
2. Make Dinner
3. Wash my face and brush my teeth
4. Wait for Blake to get home from work
5. Snuggle with Chloe before she goes to bed

5 Things I'd Do With A Million Dollars:
1. Pay off all bills
2. Put money away for Chloe's education
3. Probably would quit working so I could stay at home with Chloe (and her future siblings)
4. Take lots of vacations
5. Buy a boat and stay on the water (at all times :))

5 Places I Have Lived:
1. Clarksville
2. Virginia
3. Germany
(that's it folks :)).

5 Jobs I Have Had:
1. Sales Associate at Victoria's Secret
2. Sales Associate / Assistant Manager at Pier 1 Imports
3. Hostess at Jenkins and Wynne
4. Internet Coordinator at Jenkins and Wynne
5. Worked in the Student Life Office at APSU

5 Things I Want To Be Doing in 5 Years:
1. Raising more than 1 child
2. Hopefully staying home with the kiddos
3. Being involved with Chloe's school activities (she will be almost 8 then)
4. Having more time to do volunteer work around Clarksville
5. Being happy and healthy (couldn't think of anything else...:)!!)

5 People I Tag:
1. Casey J.
2. Abby B.
3. Kelly B.
4. Amy T.
5. Missy R.