Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend.

We had a pretty eventful weekend. I just love Easter...it always seems to be kind of hectic, but always so much fun! I really love Easter now that I have a little girl to share it with. A few weekends ago, I took Chloe to Grace's Easter Egg Hunt. It was not quite what I expected...well, not for her. They had it blocked off into 5 & under and then 5 & above. The only problem is that Chloe is not quite as aggressive as other kids. Needless to say, Chloe only got 1 egg :( I was so sad for my girl. But, her friend Sylas came over and quickly gave Chloe several of her eggs. I think her Mom was a little more helpful than I was. I was trying to video tape and take pictures at the same time...I was obviously too ambitious. With all that being said, I wanted to stage our own little Easter Egg Hunt at home with just Chloe (so she could get all the eggs). The plan was set for Sunday. We planned to go to Church, eat lunch with Casey and Scott, Nap, and then have the Egg Hunt. Well, the day went as planned until Chloe decided not to nap until 2:30. She did not wake up until almost 6pm!!! By that time it was rainy and dreary! So...no Easter Egg Hunt. Even though Easter has already passed, I might go ahead and do the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend...I mean, I did already stuff like 50 eggs for her! All in all, it was a great holiday. Here are a few pictures from Easter Sunday and the infamous Egg Hunt!
Grace Community Church's Easter Egg Hunt**
Waiting for the Hunt to begin...
Still waiting!
Checking out her 1 egg (the 1 in her hand was one that we brought with us!!)!
Easter Sunday**
The treats that the Easter Bunny brought Chloe!
Checking out her loot after Church!
Daddy helping Chloe with her new baseball mitt and ball (purple of course!!) Thanks Easter Bunny Grandy and Jenks :). Chloe also got a little basketball goal and ball from Easter Bunny Birdie! :)

More treats....
Opening up her treat from KK and Scottie. It was a My Little Pony with Easter Bunny Ears. So cute. Chloe's theme for her basket was My Little Pony's!
Finally, "reading" books with Uncle Scottie after lunch. Chloe loves to "read." Basically, she flips through every single page, one by one, and then moves on to the next!!
It was a very Happy Easter! :)

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  1. so looks so precious and it really looks like you guys enjoyed Easter.
    I was just thinking... wasn't it just last year that she was NOT a fan of wearing the bunny ears.