Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Office

Every time the Mulberry Bush calls me while I'm at work, my heart drops. Usually it means that Chloe is sick OR that she has chipped her tooth (only happened that once :))! Well, yesterday I got a call from Dorothy (the office manager).....Chloe was in trouble and was sent to the office. From what I can gather, Chloe was playing with a toy and another child wanted to play too....well, that did not sit to well with Chloe, so she pulled the poor little girl's hair. She then proceeded to tell her teacher "NO" and kick and scream like a banshee. Needless to say, they did not want to deal with it so they marched her sassy butt up to the office. Dorothy, in an attempt to calm Chloe down, threatened to call me if she did not straighten up. After threatening 2 times, Dorothy had no other choice but to call me. When I got to the daycare to pick her up...she was sulking in the time out chair. She slowly got up to come over to me and when I would not pick her up, she started to cry. It did make me feel bad...this is very out of character so I am not sure if it is a fluke or if it is the TERRIBLE TWOS sneaking in. On a side note, Blake took a half day yesterday and planned to put together this great toy that Grand and Jenks got Chloe for Easter. It is a Sand Box / Picnic Table and Umbrella all in one (it can also be a little pool). Blake was going to put it together for her as a treat, but once we found out she was bad, it stayed put in the garage. Hopefully she will shape up this week so that she can enjoy the fun treat they got her (Thanks Grandy and Jenks)!
Any advice on how to squash this type of behavior? The only problem is that she never acts like this...it makes it a little harder to discipline her, which I am not good at anyway!!!!
It is hard to be mad at this sweet face :)

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  1. Oh Fran.....Reese has had two of those moments- one at her school and one at the fitness center Friday where I work out. Very out of character.....I feel your pain! Welcome to the Terrible Two's and Trying 3's! Stay firm...that's what I'm trying to do!