Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day

What a great day.
This past weekend was probably one of the best us 4 have had in a long time.
Life gets in the way sometimes and we really made it a point to enjoy ourselves and each other--
for that, I'm eternally grateful!

We got up and went to Early Service.
We ate a yummy brunch at Don & Sandys.
The kids swam a bit & the parents napped {thanks Don & Sandy}.
A great day indeed.

Happy Father's Day to our very favorite Daddy!
I know we are still learning as we go, but there is no one I would rather stumble through this thing called parenthood with!
I love you!  
I hope this was the best Father's Day yet!

{getting his treat from Chloe:
"You are the world's best DAD, hands down!"}

{Brittnye dropped off some yummy Banana Pudding for Blake...we definitely enjoyed it}

{this little boy is Daddy's twin}

{Happy Father's Day Jenks}

{Happy Father's Day to my Dad as well...one of the best men that I know!
I love you Dad!
...this was the best picture I could get, sadly}

Thanks for being the best Daddy!
Love Chloe & Carter {and Mommy too}

Monday, June 18, 2012

Always playing catch up...

I feel like all I say these days is how I'm always playing catch up...
Well, its true!
I guess that is life with 2 kids!

Last weekend, we had our Lake Weekend 2012.
Starting Friday, a total of 16 friends enjoyed the sun and some adult beverages!
I look forward to this trip every year, and I am so thankful for the friends that make it a point to join us every year!
Looking forward to our gathering in 2013 already!

{the amazing sunset on Friday night! So pretty, right?}

{the 2 Britts: Brittnye & Brittany}

{pretty relaxing stuff}

{this was the sweet face we got to come home to...she wanted her nails painted different colors!}

While we were away at the lake, Birdie took the kids to the pool twice!
My kids are fish and love to be in the water...so they had a fun time...needless to say!

With all the activities Chloe has had this summer, she has been joining me at work {a lot}!
Here she is coloring...her very favorite activity!

This past weekend, Blake & I took Friday off with no exact plans!
We decided to take Chloe to the lake for the afternoon because she was SO VERY SAD she didn't get to go with all the adults! 

{boat riding}

{she's ready} 

 It was a nice day...we got on the water at 11am, took a boat ride, ate a burger at Jolly's at the Marina, and did a bit of swimming!

Saturday morning, I got frisky and decided to make some blueberry pancakes.
They were yummy and a hit with the kids {and the husband}!

Saturday afternoon, Chloe went to Jack's party at Kid-N-Play which equaled 2 straight hours of running!
Carter napped during the party so I got to actually sit and enjoy some adult conversation with the other Moms!

That night, Don & Sandy took the kids to Nashville to do a bit of shopping and eat at the Aquarium restaurant...
Mommy & Daddy decided to quickly jump in the car and head to Hananoki {YUM}.
Afterwards, we went to see 'What to Expect When You are Expecting.' {pretty good...will be a great Red Box-er}
It was a great night...relaxing!  We were home by 8:40 {which was even better for my tired mind}.

{Chloe with her new shark friend at the Aquarium Restaurant}

Tomorrow we will honor our very favorite Dad!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Life lately...

I feel like I'm so behind on blogging, but life has been busy.  
Here is an update on some of the activities we have been doing since kicking off Summer:

Saturday morning, we headed to the Nashville Zoo with the kids.
We are members this year so I'm trying hard to make it a point to go...often.
The kids love to be outside so its a perfect place to run and also learn a thing or 2!
This was Carter's first time riding the carousel and the train!

{reading his books on the way to the Zoo...he LOVES TO READ!}

{Carter didn't love riding the carousel until the very end}

{thanks to Daddy, Chloe conquered her fear of the big swirly slide...
You can see him coming out right behind her}

{he thinks he is so big}

{while waiting to ride the train, I snapped a few of these photos...the one above is so funny because it shows both of their silly personalities.  For my memory, I want to remember Carter's smile...He now likes to smile with all of his teeth and say "Cheese"}

{Flying High}
Saturday night, Blake and I headed to Flying High at the Clarksville Country Club.
It was the most amazing night for an outside event...the weather was PERFECT.
The food was great, we had inside bathrooms {don't take them for granted...normally we have to use porta-pottys at this event}, the company was fun {as usual}...good time had by all!
We didn't dance the night away like we normally do, but we were responsible adults instead...and we were in bed by 10:30!!!
I was happy for some extra sleep!
Oh, Blake and I actually won a few things {I got bid happy this year}.
We won a gift card to Horsefeathers {a sweet pottery room in Downtown Clarksville} and a Clarksville Academy spirit bucket!

{Ben, Blake, Kyle, Jeremy, Stanley}

{Haven, Me, Jennifer, Brittany, Mary}

{Swimming Sundays}
The newest tradition it seems is meeting up with some of our  Community Group to swim at Jeff & Kristin's house!  This past Sunday was no exception. We headed over after nap time to enjoy some swimming fun, good food, & friends.
{right after I snapped this sweet photo, Chloe hit her last remaining front tooth on Carter's head...it bled a little bit and is now a tad bit loose...lots of tears were shed}

{Amanda & Chloe being silly}

{This & That}

{thanks Kroger for offering me the cheapest gas I've seen in a long time...saved 20 cents a gallon}

{Carter & I before school...he had a mouthful of goldfish}

{Let me first say, I am NO FAN of character anything...but, my boy is obsessed with Elmo right now so I gave in and got him this vintage Elmo shirt from Old Navy.  I thought it was pretty cute & he was equally as excited}

{last week before Flying High, I got Shelac on my nails...it was lasted over a week now and I have NO CHIPS...I think I might be in love...if only it didn't cost $25 every single time}

Happy Friday, Ya'll...we are headed to the Lake for a fun filled weekend with our friends!