Friday, June 8, 2012

Life lately...

I feel like I'm so behind on blogging, but life has been busy.  
Here is an update on some of the activities we have been doing since kicking off Summer:

Saturday morning, we headed to the Nashville Zoo with the kids.
We are members this year so I'm trying hard to make it a point to go...often.
The kids love to be outside so its a perfect place to run and also learn a thing or 2!
This was Carter's first time riding the carousel and the train!

{reading his books on the way to the Zoo...he LOVES TO READ!}

{Carter didn't love riding the carousel until the very end}

{thanks to Daddy, Chloe conquered her fear of the big swirly slide...
You can see him coming out right behind her}

{he thinks he is so big}

{while waiting to ride the train, I snapped a few of these photos...the one above is so funny because it shows both of their silly personalities.  For my memory, I want to remember Carter's smile...He now likes to smile with all of his teeth and say "Cheese"}

{Flying High}
Saturday night, Blake and I headed to Flying High at the Clarksville Country Club.
It was the most amazing night for an outside event...the weather was PERFECT.
The food was great, we had inside bathrooms {don't take them for granted...normally we have to use porta-pottys at this event}, the company was fun {as usual}...good time had by all!
We didn't dance the night away like we normally do, but we were responsible adults instead...and we were in bed by 10:30!!!
I was happy for some extra sleep!
Oh, Blake and I actually won a few things {I got bid happy this year}.
We won a gift card to Horsefeathers {a sweet pottery room in Downtown Clarksville} and a Clarksville Academy spirit bucket!

{Ben, Blake, Kyle, Jeremy, Stanley}

{Haven, Me, Jennifer, Brittany, Mary}

{Swimming Sundays}
The newest tradition it seems is meeting up with some of our  Community Group to swim at Jeff & Kristin's house!  This past Sunday was no exception. We headed over after nap time to enjoy some swimming fun, good food, & friends.
{right after I snapped this sweet photo, Chloe hit her last remaining front tooth on Carter's bled a little bit and is now a tad bit loose...lots of tears were shed}

{Amanda & Chloe being silly}

{This & That}

{thanks Kroger for offering me the cheapest gas I've seen in a long time...saved 20 cents a gallon}

{Carter & I before school...he had a mouthful of goldfish}

{Let me first say, I am NO FAN of character anything...but, my boy is obsessed with Elmo right now so I gave in and got him this vintage Elmo shirt from Old Navy.  I thought it was pretty cute & he was equally as excited}

{last week before Flying High, I got Shelac on my was lasted over a week now and I have NO CHIPS...I think I might be in love...if only it didn't cost $25 every single time}

Happy Friday, Ya'll...we are headed to the Lake for a fun filled weekend with our friends!

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