Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Photo-a-day Challenge Wrap-Up

Wrapping up the May Photo-A-Day challenge!
Let's Go!
{on Instagram @franjenkins}

5.16 what you're reading
{trying to finish up these 3 along with 'Not A Fan'...ughhh pressure}

5.16 snack
{sharing an orange with my sweet boy}

5.18 something you made
{well, something someone else made anyway...all the kids in the class wrote a sentence about each other.  One of her buddies wrote that Chloe is "coot"...I think she is cute too!}

5.19  a favorite place
{home is where the heart is}

5.20 something you can't live without
{family and great friends}

5.21 where you stand
{standing outside of Carter's daycare...sporting my new wedges I ordered from HauteLook}

5.22 pink
{a touch of pink on my girl's luau of the last days of Kindergarten}

5.23 technology
{we are loving our Apple TV}

5.24 something new
{can't wait to wear my new dress to Flying High this weekend!  Thanks Posh}

5.25 unusual
{it's NOT unusual for me to be running a tad bit late to work!}

5.26 12 o'clock
{12 o'clock on Sunday we were getting ready for day #2 of recital}

5.27 something sweet
{my 2 love bugs at Publix...they were looking awfully sweet behind the wheel}

5.28 the weather today
{rain rain go away}

5.29 number
{a number sheet to help Chloe stay fresh on her numbers...gotta get ready for 1st grade}

5.30 your personality
{even though I try and try, I never fully have my ducks in a row...downfall of a Mom of 2}

5.31 something beautiful

Join in for's the list:

a few side notes...
after our Community Group last night, I sat outside and made this beauty!
I love now it turned out!  These are the EASIEST wreaths to make...
and let me tell you...If I think they are easy, they're easy!

Also, I went to get Chloe some new kicks for daycare this summer...well, I found Carter some too!  
I'm a bit of a shop-o-holic!  What can I say?

Happy Thursday!

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