Thursday, May 17, 2012

19 Months and Growing

My sweet baby boy is 19 months old today.  We actually had his 18 month check up with Dr. Roads this morning.  It was a pretty easy appointment...only one shot this go around.  Dr. Roads said we have quite a big boy on our hands {this we already knew}.  He is in the 98% for height {36 inches} and the 93% for weight {31lbs}.  Dr. Roads said he is as big as a 3 year old {no shock there either}.  From time to time, I get worried that I might be feeding him too much or not choosing the right foods for him because he is so big, but Dr. Roads told me not to continue to do what we are doing because he is proportionate.  If he wasn't, he would only then be concerned!  He also said he seems to be a bit ahead in the speech department.  We can thank a chatty Momma and chatty Sister for that!  He does currently have a touch of eczema on his back so I'm hoping some summer sun will clear that away!  I left the Doctor's office thankful for a happy, healthy baby boy!  I can't believe I have already scheduled his 2  year appointment.  It seems like the last year and a half has just flow by.  I am praying for time to slow down...I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with myself come Fall...I'll have a 2 year old and a 1st Grader!


*Still wearing size 5 diaper
*favorite food: Chester Puffcorn Butter Flavor {he would eat the whole bag if I would let him}
*LOVES to "READ"...he will scoot his but to mine lap and open up a book.  He usually only lets me ready 3-4 pages before moving on to the next book.
*Favorite words: Elmo {Melmo}, Water, Mamma, Daddy, Riley, Read, Milk, Vroom, Car, Truck, Bye B1ye, Hi, Cindy & NayNay {his sitters}
*Sleeps from 7:15pm-5:45am
*Loves to do anything Chloe is doing
*Loves to swing and ride in the F150 power wheel
*Loves to be outside
*Wearing 2T-3T clothing

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