Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Photo-A-Day Challenge: 1st -15th

Well, I've been down and out with the flu...yuck...which means I've been behind on life.
Here are my 1st 15 days of the May Photo-A-Day Challenge!
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5.1 peace
{knowing these 2 have each other brings me peace...Chloe being sweet to her brother on a trip to Subway}

5.2 skyline
{my skyline on the way to the gym at 5:30am}

5.3 something you wore today
{my wedding ring, of course, and my Michael Kors watch--thanks Mom}

5.4 fun!
{Carter thought this particular trip through the car wash was FUN}

5.5 bird
{Chloe: we have called her "Bird" since she was born. Good thing too...she has quite the little bird body}

5.6 you
{this picture was taken 11 years ago...on our way to Senior Prom}

5.7 someone that inspires you
{Vernon Jenkins: Blake's Grandfather.  He started Jenkins and Wynne back in 1953 and laid an amazing foundation for the next 2 generations to follow! Wish I could have known him in his prime}

5.8 a smell you adore
{Viva La Juicy for me & Jean Paul Gaultier for him}

5.9 something you do everyday
{wrangle this wild boy...this was on our way into Walmart}

5.10 a favorite word
{Blake's name in my phone...has been since sophomore year of college. Back story-he surprised me with a new phone...put it in my glove box and then he called me.  When I picked up the phone, it said "I Love You." Clever, huh?  I have never changed it back}

5.11 kitchen

{the flu was starting to take over my body this day...I posted 2 pictures for kitchen.
1-Rafferty's provided my tired family with food Friday night.
2-my clean as its going to get most days}

5.12 something that makes you happy
{my sweet daughter gave me this sweet hand written card for Mother's Day...ugh, melt my heart}

5.13 mum
{this sweet angel made me a Mum...Chloe @ 3 months old}

5.14 grass
{I would die to have grass that looks like this...Chloe @ 6 months old}

5.15 love
{on our way to our reception July 23rd, 2005}

Stay tuned!

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