Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life in the fast lane...

Well, as usual, we have been full steam ahead.  This past week / weekend has already been jam packed.  Chloe has her annual dance recital coming up this Memorial Weekend.  I have a love hate relationship with recital.  I think any other "dance moms" out there can relate.  We run, run, run to get ready...decorating shirts, long "extra" practices PLUS school ending all at the same time!  I feel crazy!  I can't imagine if she was in more than 1 activity right now!  I do love the opportunity dance provides her--it makes her outgoing and gives her a chance to shine in front of her peers PLUS it helps her learn the importance of hard work and dedication.  She sees the final result and I know she is proud!  Here is a sassy picture I snapped of my sweet girl {she had her group tap picture on Saturday}.  My heart kind of skipped a beat when I saw these--it  made the reality of her growing up REAL and that is a scary thing for a Momma!

Saturday night, Blake and I headed to Adrienne and Travis' house for a surprise Graduation / Birthday Party!  Adrienne had NO much so, she ended up not coming for more than 2 hours after we all arrived...but, it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!  She was so surprised to see all of us there waiting for her!  It was definitely a well deserved celebration!  Congratulations on Graduating Friend :)

Sunday, we did a bit of swimming with Mom, Sam, Monika, and the kids!  It was so fun.  Carter has really taken to my Mom {finally}!  He even came up with his own nickname for her: "B!"  Whenever he sees her now, he will run to her saying "B" "B!"  So precious!  A rain storm creeped  in so we headed over to their house quickly to avoid the rain and do some grilling!

On Tuesday, Chloe had her end of the year Luau at Clarksville Academy.  It was so sweet.  All the Kindergartners ran around and played for a bit and then we ate a yummy lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.  Mrs. King put together a precious slide show from all the activities over the last year.  It was really touching and crazy to think how fast time has flow. We officially have a 1st grader in our house!  Chloe is taking the new role in stride...I can definitely tell her demeanor has changed a bit.  

The other day we took the kids for a late night yogurt run.  The lady behind the counter gave Carter a balloon.  He was so excited.  As soon as we got home, this is what he started doing with the balloon.  I guess he was having a 'conference!'  I was waiting for it to pop at any second...never happened! 

 Wednesday was Chloe's last official day as a Kindergarten.  There weren't many kids at school so she and a few friends helped Mrs. King clean up the room.  She was proud to tell me all about how she helped!  I have to say I am so happy for our sweet growing girl but so sad that this chapter is closing.  I feel like I have blinked and it is over.  We are excited to see what adventures 1st grade hold!  

Well, our Team is at it again!  If you are in the Clarksville area, you will see these around:

It is always surreal seeing us on the billboards but fun at the same time!  

One of Chloe's final projects that she gave us was this ABC book.  It is so precious. Each letter is represented and was turned into an animal or other type of object.  A-Z we got to see what creative thing Chloe came up with!  Very cute!

I think because its the end of the year, I am starting to look at Chloe in a different light.  She is so big and is turning into such a little lady.  Lately, she has been such a big helper {she really has always been a HUGE help to us and such a good girl}, but it has really been shining through lately.  She does a lot around the house without having to be asked, she helps her brother whenever he needs it, she listens well {most of the time}....She has really just matured a lot over the last few months, and we couldn't be more proud!

With Chloe's recital coming up, I had to do some searching to find a head peace for her finale.  I stumbled upon this crazy hair clip at Hobby Lobby and I knew it would be the perfect accessory for her "80's" style finale outfit!

Last night, Chloe had recital practice and Blake went on to our Community Group so Alexa kept Carter for us.  She took him to a Church picnic.  Alexa said when they got home, Carter grabbed his pjs off the counter and laid on the ground.  She said, "I guess he was read for bed."  Well, when I got home, I went up to check on him and say good night...and this is what I found:

I don't normally put him to bed with a sippy cup, but I was so thankful she did last night because this was just precious.  This just shows how tired he really was...normally everything is thrown out of his bed before he lays down to's his nightly ritual!

Finally, yesterday I walked upstairs to find this at Chloe's door:

She had asked me to help her write the word available...I had no idea what she wanted it for...well, she wanted to make sure we knew she wasn't available!  Haha...funny girl!

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