Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dance, Dance, Dance

This past weekend was Chloe's annual Dance Recital.  Those 2 days were the culmination of all her hard work since August of 2011!  Her and her little ballerina buddies have been learning these dances for so long...it was nice to see all their hard work pay off!

{1} Shake-Tap
{2} Dream a Little Dream-Ballet
{3} Finale Outfit-Rock the Radio

They were all just precious.

It literally brought tears to my eyes seeing her up there.  This year was different than the last. She was much more aware of what was going on...she knew her moves much better this year too!  She still needed a bit of help from her friends and teachers, but that is okay!  I'm glad she has the help when she needed it!

I took many, many pictures of my Tiny Dancer!
She danced in Show B which was on Friday and Sunday.
It was a long weekend filled with lots of hurry up and wait, but it was worth every second!

We are so proud of you Chloe!  Great job!

{Chloe & Ansley...they have been dancing together for 3 years}

{getting her coloring in while we waited...they didn't go on for the first time until Dance 23, ugh!}

{KK & Chandler came back to visit}

{the majority of her class}

{Chloe & Papa}

Did you know you can make an amazing bun like this one...with a man's dress sock?
Well, thanks to one of the other Dance Moms & Pinterest...I know am a professional bun maker!
It came out perfect!

{Birdie couldn't be there so she had flowers sent to the house. Made Chloe feel extra special that they were for her!}

She's a sassy thing!  Dance is the perfect activity for all her spunk!

The rest of Memorial Day Weekend was spent in the pool because it was 500 degrees outside!
Chloe has become quite a swimmer.  We are very proud of her newly found independence!
She is going to The Settlement Summer Camp this summer and they will get the opportunity to swim 3 times during the week...I feel confident she will be a full fledged swimmer by the end of summer!

Yesterday after work, I ventured to Publix to pick up a few things!
I was so thankful to see this cart waiting for us when we walked in.
Thanks to that little steering wheel, I was able to get all my groceries into the cart without having to occupy Carter!  It's the little things in life!

Finally, I dropped Chloe off at The Settlement this morning.
This was her before we walked in...
after, she was quite timid.  She was a little unsure, but I feel confident that she has had a great day!
We love it there!

I hope your Memorial Day was just as fun and jam packed!

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