Thursday, December 29, 2011

A few tender moments...

Yesterday, I picked up Carter {and Blake picked up Chloe} so we got home earlier than normal.  That gave me a few tender moments with my very sweet boy!  He was very into playing Peek-A-Boo...and I can't resist this sweet toothy grin!  He kept opening and shutting the door...the negative side of having handle style door knobs!


He had on the sweetest outfit yesterday so I had to take a picture!
Doesn't he look extra chunky!  I love it!
By the way, this outfit is 18-24 fits just right!
He is most definitely a bit ahead for his age {size wise}!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What a Christmas!

Well, all I can say is that we had a very, very Blessed Christmas.  Thanks to our families for making it EXTRA special for us and the kids!  

Lost of fun activities...lots of great food...lots of great family time!  
Here are pictures from some of the activities building up to the Holiday and some from the actual weekend of Christmas!!  

First up, Breakfast with Santa at the Clarksville Country Club! 

{Me sitting on Santa's lap was the only way Carter would get near him}

Christmas Eve with the Jenkins Crew

Before Dinner Prayer...I thought this was so sweet of the girls.... 

Some Cousin Love

Me & My Sweet Girl

Christmas Day

Chloe checking out all her goodies from Santa! 

Carter playing with his new the way, he headed right towards all his old toys that morning instead of playing with his new stuff!  Go figure!

She loves her American Girl "Just Like Me" Doll! 
{Her name is Zoe...that was what we landed on after she tried to name her Chloe :)}

Mommy & Daddy gave Chloe a Trampoline!  
It was too heavy for "Santa" to lift up the stairs to our other tree!

The 2 Monkeys in their Christmas PJs

Opening her stocking goodies!

He loves his new ride-on toy!

Later in the morning, we went to my Mom's house for Brunch.  
Wouldn't you know it...Santa stopped there too!

Chloe showing off her new pink sparkly TOMS!

For Dinner, we headed home and spent the night with Papa {My Dad}...
we enjoyed our traditional dinner of lamb, artichoke soup, and all the sides!  YUM!
My Dad bought Chloe a precious cross's her first cross...and I'm glad he was able to give it to her!

As if there haven't been enough pictures, here is Chloe last night sporting her new American Girl PJs...Zoe had her matching pair on as well!

Finally, I think this might be my motto for 2012:

What do you think?

All in All....we had a WONDERFULLY BLESSED Christmas!

I must Santa was very good to me as well! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from The Jenkins Family

Annual Kids Christmas Party

The Annual Kids Christmas Party is held every year at Amelia's house!  She always does it up right--decorating cookies, decorating reindeer antlers and ornaments, and eating lots of yummy food!  The kids also draw names and do a gift exchange!  It's so fun!  This year, Chloe got a My Little Pony remote control airplane!  Pretty cool!  The kids have so much fun running around together and being extra Christmas-y in their PJs!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Isn't today a great day for an Ugly Christmas Sweater?
We thought so!

Today at work, we celebrated by wearing festive sweaters, eating yummy Mexican inspired food, and exchanging treats! 

Love this...can't wait to paint my nails tonight with my new Essie color "Berry Naughty"...thanks Amanda!  Also, loving my new pen holder and drink coaster!  Great DIY projects!

I also can't wait to use this fun zebra tote that Casey got me!  It will be great for the lake, picnics, or Jazz on the Lawn!

Last night, we celebrated my Dad's 50th Birthday!  Today is his actual birthday!  He came over and I made some "No Fuss" Lasagna and Salad.  I attempted a cake, but sadly, it was not cooked all the way through.  Fail!  But, other than that, we had a great time just enjoying each other's company!

Carter was apparently trying to show off his muscles!

Last, but certainly not, Blake & I are celebrating 13 years of being together.
13 years ago today, we went on our first date--ice skating in Nashville (there is a whole long story to accompany that date, but I will leave that for later)!
Well, this morning when I woke up to get ready for work, I found a long letter and this fun treat sitting on my bathroom sink!  The letter was just about the sweetest thing Blake has ever written for me (and he is pretty good about writing his thoughts / feelings down)!  I am certainly grateful for my new phone, but even more grateful for the thought, time, and feelings that went into the words in the letter!
I love you Blake!  Happy "Dating" Anniversary!

Now, we are getting geared up for all the weekend festivities...starting with my Mom's birthday party tonight (yes, my Mom and Dad are 1 day apart...actually a year and one day apart in age)! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy 58th Birthday Jenkins & Wynne

Even though the weather outside is frightful...we have been enjoying the Holiday at Jenkins and Wynne!
Today we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Edwards Steakhouse in Downtown Clarksville to celebrate Christmas with all of our co-workers! 
If you are local, go's good!

We are also celebrating Jenkins and Wynne's 58th Birthday!  
Wow, 3 generations later, the store is still going strong!
Proud and Honored to be apart of the legacy here!

Mid-afternoon date with Blake (oh, and about 75 other people!!)

Amanda & I

Now, I'm back at work with a fully belly and dreams of taking a nap...sadly, that won't happen!

These are a few of my FAVORITE things...

Last night was our Annual Bunco Progressive Dinner!  This is by far one of my MOST FAVORITE things I do during the Holidays.  I have been a part of this group of wonderful ladies since the group originated in 2005 (I think).  During our December gathering, we go to 3 different houses to enjoy appetizers / salads, a main course, and desserts...oh, and we play Dirty Santa!  This year got extra Dirty...which I love :)  I actually came home with the gift I brought...I bought it, so you know that I loved it already :)  Thanks to my lovely Bunco girls for a wonderful night!  I'm blessed to have you ALL in my life!

Group Shot

My fabulous Dirty Santa gift

Which, I can't wait to put a picture of these 2 in it with these adorable shirts my Buddy, Amelia, made!
Naughty & Nice

Here is a fun gift that I had made for my Dad!
"Great Dad's get Promoted to Grandpa"
....and a mustache to match Papa!

Shhhhh...don't tell him!

Our Canvas for above the bed finally came in.
I'm glad I went with a canvas because I feel like I already have so many large framed pictures around the house...this was a good change up!

Finally, yesterday before scurrying out of the house to my Progressive Dinner, I jotted down a quick note on Chloe's dry erase board--

Well, Blake told me that when Chloe saw it she said:
"We can never erase this because it is the nicest thing Momma has ever done...."

I'm not sure how to take that (cause I hope she thinks I do other nice things for her)...but, I do appreciate that she liked the note and said she never wanted it erased :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

It's Wednesday the 21st, which means we are only 4 short days away from Christmas!

Here's what I'm Lovin' today....

I'm Lovin' that fact that I'm gettin' caught up on of the things to do--
catch up my BLOG!

I'm Lovin' the Adventures of Charlie the Elf!

Sippin' the syrup in the fridge!

Takin' a ride on a Christmas Reindeer!

I'm Lovin' the sweet Christmas Tree shirt Grandy made for Chloe!  So sweet!

I'm Lovin' Clarksville Academy's Christmas Program!
Last Friday, Blake & I took the day off to spend with Chloe.  
She had her Christmas Program in the morning (so sweet), we ate lunch at Olive Garden (her choice), and went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks.
It was a great day with our girl! :) 

Friday night, I headed to Swirlz for a night with the girls!  We had so much fun!  The painting was SO festive! Thanks to Casey & Amanda for a fun night out!

Thankfully, the canvas was pretraced...not sure I could have made it look as good as I did if it wasn't already drawn for me! :)



Me & my masterpiece

I'm Lovin' visits with Santa.  This past Saturday, Chloe came with me to our Annual Junior Auxiliary Gingerbread Party.  Every year, Junior Auxiliary adopts several families from the community.  We provide Santa gifts and food for Christmas!  It is a wonderful event...I'm thankful that she was with me to experience it!   While there, she was able to share with Santa (one more time) what she wants for Christmas!

Sweet Austin wasn't to keen on Santa...I'm Lovin' this photo!

What are you Lovin'?

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