Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little of this & a little of that

I have to first start with a funny story from Chloe's teacher:

"One morning last week, I let the students who had an elf share their elf's name and something about it. Chloe shared hers, but then after someone else was talking she whispers (loudly) to the child next to her, "I touched my elf!" There was a collective gasp from the class followed by lots of questions/comments/reprimands :). It was hilarious to watch. She was so proud to share that - especially after it caused such a commotion. She went on to say she was kidding, but not before enjoying the moment. I'm still laughing about it a week later! Along with her being smart, she's also quite a hoot to have in class!"

Is this not Chloe!  We have enjoyed having Charlie around (Thanks Grauntie)!!!  I am looking forward to Carter realizing who he is as well!

Here is how we found Charlie this morning:

Fishing for Goldfish!!!

Also, today was Polar Express Day at school.  Fun, huh?  The kids got to wear their PJs to school, ride a Train in the Library, and watch The Polar Express!  I really love all the fun and different things Clarksville Academy does for the kids!  We are blessed that Chloe is able to be there this year!  

Here she is sporting her Christmas PJs.

Last night, we ate dinner at Ruby Tuesdays!  I think, while Blake is able to get off a tad early, we are going to make Wednesday nights Family Dinner Night!  Chloe gets out of Dance at 6, so it's a perfect time to head on to it saves me from cooking!  Carter was hamming it up at dinner--smiling and dancing for everyone!

I'm headed to our annual Junior Auxiliary Ornament Exchange Party tonight...I look forward to this all year!  Happy Thursday!

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