Thursday, December 22, 2011

These are a few of my FAVORITE things...

Last night was our Annual Bunco Progressive Dinner!  This is by far one of my MOST FAVORITE things I do during the Holidays.  I have been a part of this group of wonderful ladies since the group originated in 2005 (I think).  During our December gathering, we go to 3 different houses to enjoy appetizers / salads, a main course, and desserts...oh, and we play Dirty Santa!  This year got extra Dirty...which I love :)  I actually came home with the gift I brought...I bought it, so you know that I loved it already :)  Thanks to my lovely Bunco girls for a wonderful night!  I'm blessed to have you ALL in my life!

Group Shot

My fabulous Dirty Santa gift

Which, I can't wait to put a picture of these 2 in it with these adorable shirts my Buddy, Amelia, made!
Naughty & Nice

Here is a fun gift that I had made for my Dad!
"Great Dad's get Promoted to Grandpa"
....and a mustache to match Papa!

Shhhhh...don't tell him!

Our Canvas for above the bed finally came in.
I'm glad I went with a canvas because I feel like I already have so many large framed pictures around the house...this was a good change up!

Finally, yesterday before scurrying out of the house to my Progressive Dinner, I jotted down a quick note on Chloe's dry erase board--

Well, Blake told me that when Chloe saw it she said:
"We can never erase this because it is the nicest thing Momma has ever done...."

I'm not sure how to take that (cause I hope she thinks I do other nice things for her)...but, I do appreciate that she liked the note and said she never wanted it erased :)

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  1. love the note chloe wanted to keep. so sweet. :)