Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Isn't today a great day for an Ugly Christmas Sweater?
We thought so!

Today at work, we celebrated by wearing festive sweaters, eating yummy Mexican inspired food, and exchanging treats! 

Love this...can't wait to paint my nails tonight with my new Essie color "Berry Naughty"...thanks Amanda!  Also, loving my new pen holder and drink coaster!  Great DIY projects!

I also can't wait to use this fun zebra tote that Casey got me!  It will be great for the lake, picnics, or Jazz on the Lawn!

Last night, we celebrated my Dad's 50th Birthday!  Today is his actual birthday!  He came over and I made some "No Fuss" Lasagna and Salad.  I attempted a cake, but sadly, it was not cooked all the way through.  Fail!  But, other than that, we had a great time just enjoying each other's company!

Carter was apparently trying to show off his muscles!

Last, but certainly not, Blake & I are celebrating 13 years of being together.
13 years ago today, we went on our first date--ice skating in Nashville (there is a whole long story to accompany that date, but I will leave that for later)!
Well, this morning when I woke up to get ready for work, I found a long letter and this fun treat sitting on my bathroom sink!  The letter was just about the sweetest thing Blake has ever written for me (and he is pretty good about writing his thoughts / feelings down)!  I am certainly grateful for my new phone, but even more grateful for the thought, time, and feelings that went into the words in the letter!
I love you Blake!  Happy "Dating" Anniversary!

Now, we are getting geared up for all the weekend festivities...starting with my Mom's birthday party tonight (yes, my Mom and Dad are 1 day apart...actually a year and one day apart in age)! 

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