Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Fun

Christmas on the Cumberland

This is something we love to do every year.  Chloe had already been with KK a few weeks ago, but we wanted to experience it as a family as well!  It was a brutally cold night, but we got some hot chocolate and enjoyed ourselves!  Afterwards, we went to a house that 'blinks' Christmas lights to music on a pre-set station!  It was a fun Christmas-y night!

She was rocking a scarf...and pretty excited about it!


 This past weekend we also visited with Santa!
By the way, Governor's Square has a pretty legit Santa this year...real beard, belly & all!

Chloe's visit = Success

Carter's visit = Fail
(there's always next year!)

This coming weekend, we have lots of Christmas activities planned!
Pretty excited!  Sad that this is our last weekend before the big day creeped up on us, didn't it?

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