Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a.....
After our appointment, we tied the appropriate colored balloon to everyone's houses (well, my Mom & Dad / Don & Sandy / Casey & Scott)! It said 'It's a..." I thought it was a fun idea so that everyone found out the same way!

Here is what Chloe said when she found out what 'her baby' is....

Summertime Fun!

We had our first swim get together this past weekend! Addison, Chloe & Jack had a great time! We tried to get sweet Jack in the picture with the girls, but he wasn't interested this time around! We'll get him next time! Here are a few of the girls being silly & sweet!
Sweet Friends
Being Silly

Extra cool with their shades on!
Blake has been working really hard on our yard. Last week he laid a big truck load of dirt and 3 large pallets of sod! It was tough work! Thanks Daddy! :) He then seeded and put hay on the other spots that were bare. He has been pretty tired. Here he is in action...he would kill me if he knew about this picture!
While Blake was out in the yard, Chloe cooled off in her little pool! She loves it!

This week is recital week! With that being said, we needed to figure out how to curl Chloe's hair for her side ponytail! So, Monday night we decided to use sponge rollers! I was immediately taken back to my childhood. I wore these all the time! She fought me at first, but then gave in (after I bribed her with pudding!)!! She did great with them...and slept through the night!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This was one of the best Mother's Days! We had a power packed weekend. Friday after work, Chloe and headed out and did a little shopping. We stopped by at Hobby Lobby to pick up our stepping stone kits. Then we went on the hunt for new flip flops...for her. She has been so good lately at school and has been (incessantly) asking for big girl flip flops without the strap on the back. Needless to say, we came home with some sparkly and cute Reef flip flops that she has proudly worn for 3 days now! That night, we made the stepping stones for my Mom and for Blake's mom. They came out really cute and were super easy to make! YAY!

She is nice and sassy!
Saturday morning, we were invited to Max's 5th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Normally, I despise this place, but it was actually really great. The party was at 9:30am so there were not very many people there at all! Hooray! Chloe got to play lots of games (thanks to her Daddy) and a good time was had by all!

Saturday night, Chloe got to spend the night with Grandy...while Mommy and Daddy went to eat in Nashville at Maggianos! Yum! There were 12 of us total that went! It was really fun and the food was great (the left overs were even better the next day)! I highly recommend it...only if you are going with a large group as it is family style and they don't play when it comes to portions!
Sunday, we started off the day at Church. Then headed home for a nice afternoon nap! My Dad stopped by and brought me 24 beautiful roses for Mother's Day. A great treat! He stayed a while and visited with Blake and I. After that, we headed over to our friend Monika's house for a bit. Blake and my Mom played some Ladder Golf (go and get this game if you have never played...super fun). Chloe got to hang out with her friend Ryann...and it was so pretty outside. Our final stop for the day was dinner at Don and Sandy's was great! A busy, but very fun Mother's Day. Needless to say, when we got home...I was exhausted. Thanks to Blake and Chloe for making my day extra special! I couldn't of asked for more! :)
Riding Ryann's scooter (she wants one so bad :))!
My Mom and Chloe
Family Pic...Chloe was cooperative because I promised I would give her Marshmallows!
Grandy, Chloe, & Jenks
CKC and Chloe...Take 1
Take 2 (there were quite a few more takes but these are the best 2 that I was able to are so funny!)
Roses from my Dad
Flowers from my Mom (this was a fun surprise on Saturday!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saturday, amidst all the rain, we headed out for Chloe's make up Dance Class. She was her leotard and rain boots :) I knew those hot pink Croc Boots would eventually come in handy!!

Yesterday, we grilled was a great day! I decided to let Chloe use her new bubble gun (that did not work great :( ) and also her sidewalk paint. She loved both!