Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taylor Swift!!!

On Thursday, September 19th, we had tickets to see Taylor Swift on her opening night in Nashville! To say that we were excited was an understatement.  Daddy was a good sport and came too!  I don't think Chloe quite knew what to expect...rightfully so...she had never been to a real concert like this before!

We got home early to get ready!  I thought Chloe looked so big in her boots, curls, and flowy top!

We headed to Nashville {in the middle of rush hour} to grab a bite to eat before the concert.  We ended up eating at Rock Bottom Brewery on Broadway {formerly Big River Grille}.  It was really good and quick...which is what we needed!

We got to Bridgestone with about 20 minutes to spare and proceeded to stand in a t-shirt line for all of that 20 minutes...not so fun!  But, I knew Chloe would enjoy having a t-shirt from her first concert!  We grabbed our t-shirt and headed to our seats.

I was blow away at how amazing our seats were.  They were 2 rows from the floor towards the middle of the arena; so we were basically with all the crazy fans right there in the middle of it all.  Thankfully, there was a nice grandmother sitting in the row in front of us and she let Chloe and a few other girls come down to lean on the barricade.  This was a BONUS because Taylor Swift came right by there while she was singing.  She stayed back by us for about 45 minutes singing on a smaller stage.  The opening act, Ed Sheeran, walked by Chloe too and gave her a high five!  Not a big deal to her, but that's neat to me since I thoroughly enjoy his music!  Also, the girls leaning against the barricade were all given a Taylor Swift guitar pick!  Extra Bonus!!!

{right before it started!!} 

Chloe showing off her glow stick // Taylor right after she came out // Chloe and I enjoying the concert // Taylor's tour bus outside the arena 
Our only family shot outside before the concert // the stage for the opening act // all the little girls that enjoyed the concert together--they didn't even know each other but made such a great memory together 
The kids all had great signs--the one above was one of the best!  They got pulled from the crowd to go right upfront // Ed Sheeran on stage // RED--getting ready for Taylor to come out // Blake and Chloe during Taylor's set

We had such a great time. It was a late night for Chloe to have school the next day, but I think a great memory was made for us all!

Friday, September 20, 2013

American Girl / Atlanta Visit

We intentionally had Chloe's party on a Friday so that we can treat her to a special weekend in Atlanta.  She has been wanting to visit the American Girl store for some time now; so a few months ago we decided that her birthday weekend would be the perfect time to take her!  Atlanta is the closest store to early Saturday morning we headed off!  We got into town around 1pm or so-headed to a hole in the wall Mexican Restaurant {Nuevo Laredo} that is to die for-made a quick trip to the GA Aquarium-then headed to the store for our dinner reservation!  It was such a great weekend.  The Aquarium was hands down the best one I have ever been to.  The tanks were AMAZING!  I would love to go back!  Carter was being somewhat temperamental that afternoon so Blake took him to the Chloe and I got to experience American Girl together.  It was so magical watching her go from doll to doll and looking at all the clothes and accessories.  We ate at the Bistro, her doll, Sage, had her hair done, and we got a few new AG things for her dolls {with her birthday money}!  It was a great weekend!

{eating at Nuevo Laredo / Chloe in front of a few of the tanks and touching a sting ray}

{riding the conveyor belt looking at the big tanks...Carter was in awe / the kids in front of some of the tanks}

{as you can see, Sage--the AG doll--went everywhere with us that day}

{We are here! American Girl in Atlanta!!  Eating at the Bistro with our doll and her little high chair & Sage at the hair salon with her little cape}

{Love the sweet pictures of me and my girl.  She was so happy!  When we arrived at the hotel, they rolled out the pink carpet for Chloe.  We did the American Girl Package which included a travel bed, cookies and milk, breakfast for 4 in the morning, a lollipop, and a pink credit card to get a snack in the gift shop!  It was so fun}

{Chloe holding her Sage, next to Sage in the store}


The following weekend was my Best Friend's 30th Birthday!  So thankful for Brittnye's friendship!!  She has been through so much with me...and is always there to listen!

We got to spend all day last Saturday together...really, I was keeping her distracted so that her family could plan her surprise party!  We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and did some shopping.  That night we all got together to surprise her!
All the girls at the party!

A few other pictures!

Dance has started back up!  Chloe seems pretty excited this year!  She will also be doing Acro and 2 privates with her instructor, Becky, each month! 

Finally, our Picture Day Princess!  I loved this sweet Orient Expressed Dress that she wore for pictures a few weeks ago! 

Chloe Turns 7!!

My sweet 1st born turned 7 on September 6th.  

Here she is on the last day of  being 6!!  She looked so big this breaks my heart how fast the time is going.  I know the next time I blink, she will be 17!!
{headed to school}

On the actual day of her birthday, we started out with french toast sticks in the shape of a 7!!  I was also able to go to school & eat lunch with her!  Her request was, of course, McDonalds!  Not my favorite, but I know she loves it!  She gets to pick one friend to sit with us so she chose, Savannah!

{my fancy "7" in french toast sticks / Chloe showing off her treats from Granny / Savannah & Chloe at lunch / Papa showing Chloe her brand new big girl bike--no training wheels}

For her party, we decided to do a 'low key' pool party at Grandy & Jenks' house.  Well, I say low key because the only planning I had to do was to order invites and take care of food and cupcakes!  As far as low key with all the kiddos...not so much!  Wild and crazy is probably a better way to put it!  But, I think everyone had so much, relaxed fun!  The kids got good and wore out and had full bellies!  Chloe even asked to do this again next year!  She invited all her buddies that she has grown up with and a few new girlfriends from school!  It was a great mix of kids!  She got lots of great treats too...including Taylor Swift Tickets from Mommy & Daddy! 
{enjoying her birthday cupcake}

{the invite / adorable beach ball cake pops / yummy flip flop & umbrella Almond flavored cupcakes}

{a few candid shots of all the kids}

{Chloe & Addison--friends since birth / KK & Carter getting a few belly laughs / a sweet pic of our boy}

I mentioned Addison earlier...Adrienne sent me this picture of the girls when they were babies.  I think this was taken the summer before they turned 1 {so, 2007}...I thought it was such a cute photo.  I love that they are still great buddies today!  I hope they always stay connected!  Addison is 1 day older than Chloe.  They were in the hospital together :)

I posted this picture on Facebook on her birthday.  I can't believe she use to be this tiny...she is growing into such a beautiful young lady.  I am so incredibly proud of her every single day!  God blessed us! 
{left: 8 months old / right: first day of 2nd grade 6 1/2 years old}

Finally, we are all due for new bedding in the Jenkins Household...I was really looking for Carter big boy bedding and for us as well...but I came across this precious bedding at TJ Maxx on clearance.  I just couldn't pass it up!  I think Chloe really likes it!  It's more "big girl!!"  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Sweet Boy

Carter's Sitter, Cindy, sends me pictures periodically.  I love getting a glimpse of what his day looks like. It's like I get to be a fly on the wall.  Sometimes, she will send pictures because he wanted "Momma to see."  That really  makes my heart swell.

Carter is learning to write.  Cindy starts them by writing 'sticks' and 'balls'...because all letters incorporate these 2 things.  She said he doesn't love it, but we will get there!! 

He replicated the Disney Cruise Ship.  You can see the pride in his face! 

This was a fishing boat... 

Apparently, Carter likes to sleep on the shelf of the TV Stand :) 

Coloring & writing more sticks and balls...

Carter @ almost 3 is:
*the funniest, sweetest little boy you will ever meet
*never leaves the house or goes to bed without asking for "a kiss and a hug"--I will be so sad when he stops asking for this
*obsessed with movies / dvds--he loves to carry the DVD boxes with him everywhere
*loves his green doggie blanket and gets really upset if it is ever in the washer {will actually open the washer and pull it out if he realizes its in there}
*knows all of his ABC's, their sounds, and can recognize them in words
*can count to 20
*knows all his shapes
*knows that our  names are actually Blake and Fran---and sometimes will say my name is "Fran Jenkins & Wynne" :)

*last night in the car:
Carter: "Momma, a crescent!"
Me: "What Carter?"
Carter: "A crescent right theeeerrreee!"
Me: "Oh, the moon!  You are right, it's shaped like a crescent!"
WHAT!? How smart is that!  I was amazed!

*He loves milk and juice...would drink something before eating, but he LOVES to eat...snacks mostly!
*Wears a 3T-4T
*is fully potty trained except for at night
*is a fish...loves to swim with his puddle jumper, of course!
*favorite shows are Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies
*favorite movies are The Lorax, Sandlot, Nemo
*repeats everything we say
*likes to tell me "You are getting on my NERVOUS"...he means nerves, of course
*has a big spirit...always laughing, giggling, running, playing
*does love to throw a tantrum--arms flailing, legs shaking, tears falling

*adores his big sister--I hope they always love each other they way they do now
{lunch at Five Guys in Brentwood}

I am so thankful that I am a Mom of both a boy and a girl...a world of difference between the 2, but I love each of them so much!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

St. Louis Birthday Celebration

The weekend of my 30th Birthday, we packed up and headed to St. Louis with Brittnye & Steven!  I was so excited for a weekend away, no kiddos, just some good adult fun!  We packed several things into a short 36 hour window...I was exhausted by Sunday, but we all had a great time!

{on our way...after lunch at Chipotle}

Friday night, we had dinner at Mike Shannon' was delicious {and cost us a pretty penny}, but it was a fun place to celebrate turning 30!! Afterwards, we headed to the rooftop bar on top of our hotel.  We stayed at the Hilton St. Louis Ball Park right next to Busch Stadium!  The hotel was amazing!  The rooftop bar was awesome too...good times!

Saturday morning, Brittnye and I got up and worked out, had a coffee, and enjoyed some girl time!  Afterwards, we headed to Union Station for lunch.  We ate at Landry' was delicious.  Afterwards, we headed to Grant's Farm to see the Clydesdale' the way, it was 101 degrees outside!  Ahhh...we were all sweating buckets, but I was glad we visited...I definitely enjoyed the 2 refreshing beers at the end...that were on the house!  We finished the afternoon doing the Budweiser Tour.  I love that stuff...and it was so interesting to see how that Bud Light Lime I love so much is made!  I was also thankful to do something that was somewhat inside...since it was SO incredibly hot that day!  

We had dinner at a local spot, McGurk's Irish Pub. I had the Guinness came in a bread bowl and was the most delicious stew I have ever had!!

While we were gone, I saw that Lauren {our babysitter for part of the weekend & Brittnye's sister} posted this sweet picture of the 3 kiddos...she had them all at once...I'm sure that was BIG fun ;)  

We headed home bright and early Sunday.  I was so happy to see the kids when I got home!  We played outside for a bit...and I captured this sweet video:


{this picture was actually taken on my birthday the morning before we left...sweet boy}