Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party! Party! Party!

(Chloe and I's flowers...aren't they beautiful?)
I feel like we just had one big party this weekend. It was madness. I had Friday off so that I could attend Brittnye's Bridal Brunch, get Pedicures, and then go to the Rehearsal Dinner that night. It was a fun day! The brunch was at The Looking Glass...it was so yummy! After that, we headed to Eden Day Spa for our Pedicures. I absolutely love getting my toes done...it is so relaxing. That night was the Rehearsal at Rafferty's, but first, we had our practice rounds at the church. This was the part I was nervous for....we were not sure how Chloe would do walking down the isle. Initially, she was doing okay walking hand in hand with her future boyfriend Myles :)....but, towards the end, we decided that it was just not going to work. Brittnye ended up deciding to have Myles walk with his Mom Kasey, and Chloe walk with me down the isle. I think that was for the best. The Rehearsal was fun...good food and great friends!
All dressed up and ready to go!
Walking Down the Isle
Big Hugs for his "Future Girlfriend"

Chloe with Miss Brittnye (Now Mrs. Reigle)
Now, Saturday was quite hectic....I got up and headed to the reception area around 7am to help pull everything together! It was at the Cumberland Room...it was so pretty. Brittnye and her Mom did such a great job with ALL the small details. The Linens, Food, Table Decorations...everything was perfect! Here are a few pictures from the Big Day!
Chloe would say that she was a "Pumpkin" when she sat down like this! So sweet :)
I love this one!
Getting ready to walk down the isle!
Working on her skills :)
Doesn't Brittney look gorgeous. Like a Brunette Barbie :) Thanks to Laura for doing my hair! I absolutely loved it! If only I could do it myself!
Family Picture 2009...We were all in the wedding so we had to document the occasion :)
We had a great time Brittnye and Steven! Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sing Along

Last night, I prompted Chloe to sing some of the songs that she knows. It was a wide variety..."ABC's" "5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "Wheels on the Bus" "Itsy Bitsy Spider"....so adorable. This video was taken from my phone. The reason why it is side ways is because I was trying to inconspicuously take the video...she did realize what I was doing during the video taping but she just kept on going! So cute.

Also, we had her little chipped tooth fixed this morning. It was quite the experience. She did great. We went in at 8am...by 9:45am she had a pretty white (not chipped) tooth! All in all, Dr. Beauchamp said she did great. She did not like the drilling/ filing at the end, but I don't blame her for that! Bless Chloe's little heart, at 2 1/2 she has already been to the dentist like 5 times! Yikes. So far, she does not seem too scared to go....thankfully! Here is a before picture of her taken this morning. I will post an after when I get a chance!

We have Brittnye and Steven's wedding festivities this weekend. All 3 of us are in the wedding...so wish us luck. I hope Chloe will walk down the isle :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love getting packages in the mail...well, it wasn't for me exactly! Chloe's big girl swimsuit came in the mail yesterday. It is oh so cute! She has been asking me everyday for about 4 weeks when it is coming! She is so excited to go to Grandy and Jenks' pool! She loves the water :) Here is a picture of her cute new swim wear! Also, one of Chloe right after her bath..so sweet :) Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I <3 Spring

This is why...good weather and my favorite little girl. Riding her bike by herself (I mean actually pushing the pedals) :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This past weekend I went to Gatlinburg for Brittnye's Bachelorette Party! We had a blast. We left Friday about 1030 or so. We stopped in Cookeville and ate at Cheddars! It was delish! We finally arrived in Gatlinburg around 7pm or so...We definitely took our time :) We had a yummy dinner that night courtesy of Susan (Britt's Mom). Saturday, we got up and shopped a bit and then started to set up for Britt's Lingerie Shower. I was so glad that everything worked out that day. At the shower, we played Adult Games :) and had tons of great food! Brittnye got lots of naughty and nice things to enjoy! We ended up going out a bit in Gatlinburg that night too....to the only hole in the wall bar there...it was fun! They had karaoke, which always provides a good time! Sunday, we had to be out by 10am....we got home pretty early in the afternoon, which was nice...I had plenty of time to recoup for Monday! Here are a few pictures to enjoy! :)
Had a great time girls!!
Ready for the Party!
The Bridesmaids!
Playing "How Well Do You Know Him?"
All Dressed Up!
"Good Friends are like stars...You don't always see them, but you know they are always there!"

So Monday, I sent Chloe to school like normal. I then get a call around 10am or so from the owner of the daycare. The first thing she says is "Chloe is okay"....well, starting a conversation like that is never good. If Chloe is okay, why are you calling? She then proceeded to tell me that Chloe was playing on the playground (actually she was running for a tricycle...i found out later) and she tripped on her shoes and chipped her tooth. WHAT? To say that I was freaking out was an understatement. I rushed to get her and see what the damage was. She was so sad...as soon as she saw me, she just bursted out into tears. To be honest, now that it has been a day or two, it is really not so bad. The bottom corner of her right tooth is gone.

She was pretty happy even though it had been a big day! :)
The Dentist gave us several different options: we can pull it (NO), we can bond it, or we can get a kiddie partial. I think we have decided to bond it and see how it goes. She said there is a 60% chance that the tooth will die and a big chance the bonding will pop off at some point....we will just have to hope for the best :) She does not go to get her tooth fixed until next Thursday...just in time to be in Britts Wedding :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 26th My Sweetie!

To My Husband--I love you more and more each day...I hope you know that. I am so excited that we have spent the last 10 years growing and learning together! They have truly been the best and most exciting years of my life! Here's to the 10th birthday that we have celebrated together...I hope for 50 more! Happy 26th! Love~Your Adoring Wife :)

If you can't tell....today is Blake's Big 26th Birthday. He is officially on the down slope towards 30....crazy. I can still say, thankfully, that I am still in my mid-20's (Ha)!! To celebrate, we went to eat dinner at Hananoki. That is where we ALWAYS go for Jenkins Birthday celebrations...it is like a tradition, which I love by the way :) We had a lot of fun..Chloe included. Blake got several fun birthday treats from Casey, Scott, Don and Sandy! Thanks Everyone! Here are a few fun pictures of the occasion:
First up, Casey and Scott got Blake a pair of jeans...but the funny part was what is above. Casey and Blake just got back from TX...while there, Casey said Blake drank SO many Diet Cokes...it was crazy. So, she got him a 6 pack of Cokes and a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss to scrub all the sugar away...very clever :)
Blake's Mom and Dad got him this great shirt! It is one of those that is sweat proof (I think)...it's a really neat material!
This was from them as well...just for fun! Sandy said she could not resist when she saw it in the store!
Blake's yummy Birthday dessert courtesy of Hananoki!
Chloe using her kid-friendly chopsticks!
Attempt at a Birthday Family Picture!
Look at these 2 adorable outfits Don and Sandy got Chloe! So cute! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so Chloe can sport these!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone..."

So, last Thursday, Blake and I ventured (well, Don drove us) to have Lasik Eye Surgery. Wow...really, that is all I can say. We arrived at 1pm for our appointment. We both had to have extensive eye exams before Dr. Ming Wang would even approve us for the surgery. After all the tests and exams, they finally said that we could have the surgery! Hooray! Having Lasik is something I have been dreaming about doing for SO long. The thought of being able to see the second I woke up without having to put my contacts in or put my glasses...pure heaven. Any of you who have eye problems can understand. So, finally at 4:30pm on Thursday, we got prepped for surgery. They gave each of us a Valium to calm our nerves...I don't think mine kicked in until after the surgery :) The loaded my prescription in first...so, reluctantly, I went first. I went in...he laid me down and began to flush my eyes out with all kinds of solutions. Still don't know what it was. Then he told me to calm down (yeah, right) and relax. The surgery literally took 10 minutes max. As soon as he was done, I sat up.....and COULD SEE! It is the craziest thing!
Here is us before our surgery...so pretty (haha) :)
So, after both Blake and I had our surgery's...Don took us to get all of our drops that we would need. Still, at this point, we are using 5 different medicated drops to protect our eyes. A small price to pay. Now, on to the funny part. For the first few days after surgery, we were required to wear these awesome goggles to sleep in and to shower in. The showering part was a little more tricky...well, at least while I was trying to wash my hair! The reason for the goggles is so that we wouldn't try to scratch / itch our eyes during the night. Our "flap" was still healing and could move, get infected, etc if it was touched. We also could not have any foreign water in our eyes either! Fun! Here are the cool goggles (the pictures if purely to document the experience...definitely not a beauty shot...)
Now that it has been 6 days since our surgery...I can't be happier. Literally, on Friday we could both see 20/20...isn't that amazing. It is just unreal to me! No pain...100% satisfied.
Oh, after our follow up appt on Friday, Blake and I snuck over to PF Chang's to eat a quick lunch. While we were waiting for our food....guess who walked in?
Billy Ray Cyrus!
Okay, he did not look quite like this...he was much more updated...with his flat ironed hair and mustache thingy...but, it was definitely him! So fun! My 20/20 eyes came in handy. Unfortunately, Blake told me to stop staring at him...others in the restaurant were taking pictures with their cell phones. Blake made me refrain...but, it was still neat to see a celebrity up close like that. The even funnier thing is that he was waiting at the bar cause they did not have a table available. He had to get his buzzer and wait like everyone else...I really appreciated that.
Also, Blake was in Texas this past weekend and he saw Jessica Simpson in the hotel lobby!! She even had her little dog Daisy (I think) with her! Neat, huh?
This past Saturday, we went to the OVC Championship with our good friends Tommy and Marisa. Tommy's Dad had box seats so we had plenty of room for Chloe to run around and be Toddler-like! The game was great. It actually went into double overtime...Unfortunately, APSU lost by 2 points....it was a Sad Moment for the Peay....
Have a great week! This weekend, I am off to Gatlinburg for Brittnye's Bachelorette Bash! Can't wait :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This past Saturday, we had our second class of Gymnastics. Chloe did so much better this week...she is really warming up to it. It was so adorable...Chloe and Addison had on matching outfits! We attempted to get a picture of them together...it did not work out too well...but here ya go (P.S. Please disregard me in this picture...I am having to wear my glasses because I am having Lasik this Thursday...I hate them and am ready to be done wearing them PLUS it was early in the AM!)....
On to Potty Training...Chloe is doing so WELL! We came home Friday night and immediately put on big girl panties. She sat on the potty for at least 30 minutes and went #1 and #2!! I was so proud. Before we came home, we went to the dollar store so that we could get "potty treats." She picked out suckers (of course) and m&m's. She also picked out a new "lipstick" (aka--chap stick)...So, every time she goes #1 or #2 on the potty she gets a treat. Because she was such a big girl and went #2 the first time we tried, I went ahead and gave her the "lipstick" too! Both Saturday and Sunday, she went #1 a few times and even #2....I am so proud. Here she is on Friday showing off her Ring Pop she got out of the treat bag!
Since Chloe is now officially 2 1/2, she has moved up to the big 2 year old classroom. She is now in the back building...which makes me feel like she is so old!! She was a little hesitant yesterday when we pulled up. She immediately knew there was a change (even though we have talked about it for weeks). We went in and she kind of hung on my pants. Her new teacher, Miss Jill, was very sweet. I was told yesterday afternoon that Chloe clung to her all day! She sat on the potty a little bit too! They work really hard on potty training in this room...so I am glad about that. They also learn more numbers, work hard on ABCs, etc. I did not have my camera with me to mark the occasion so I took a few quick pictures this morning as we were walking in!
Walking into school...

Just a little timid...doesn't she look sweet :)