Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone..."

So, last Thursday, Blake and I ventured (well, Don drove us) to have Lasik Eye Surgery. Wow...really, that is all I can say. We arrived at 1pm for our appointment. We both had to have extensive eye exams before Dr. Ming Wang would even approve us for the surgery. After all the tests and exams, they finally said that we could have the surgery! Hooray! Having Lasik is something I have been dreaming about doing for SO long. The thought of being able to see the second I woke up without having to put my contacts in or put my glasses...pure heaven. Any of you who have eye problems can understand. So, finally at 4:30pm on Thursday, we got prepped for surgery. They gave each of us a Valium to calm our nerves...I don't think mine kicked in until after the surgery :) The loaded my prescription in, reluctantly, I went first. I went in...he laid me down and began to flush my eyes out with all kinds of solutions. Still don't know what it was. Then he told me to calm down (yeah, right) and relax. The surgery literally took 10 minutes max. As soon as he was done, I sat up.....and COULD SEE! It is the craziest thing!
Here is us before our pretty (haha) :)
So, after both Blake and I had our surgery's...Don took us to get all of our drops that we would need. Still, at this point, we are using 5 different medicated drops to protect our eyes. A small price to pay. Now, on to the funny part. For the first few days after surgery, we were required to wear these awesome goggles to sleep in and to shower in. The showering part was a little more tricky...well, at least while I was trying to wash my hair! The reason for the goggles is so that we wouldn't try to scratch / itch our eyes during the night. Our "flap" was still healing and could move, get infected, etc if it was touched. We also could not have any foreign water in our eyes either! Fun! Here are the cool goggles (the pictures if purely to document the experience...definitely not a beauty shot...)
Now that it has been 6 days since our surgery...I can't be happier. Literally, on Friday we could both see 20/20...isn't that amazing. It is just unreal to me! No pain...100% satisfied.
Oh, after our follow up appt on Friday, Blake and I snuck over to PF Chang's to eat a quick lunch. While we were waiting for our food....guess who walked in?
Billy Ray Cyrus!
Okay, he did not look quite like this...he was much more updated...with his flat ironed hair and mustache thingy...but, it was definitely him! So fun! My 20/20 eyes came in handy. Unfortunately, Blake told me to stop staring at him...others in the restaurant were taking pictures with their cell phones. Blake made me refrain...but, it was still neat to see a celebrity up close like that. The even funnier thing is that he was waiting at the bar cause they did not have a table available. He had to get his buzzer and wait like everyone else...I really appreciated that.
Also, Blake was in Texas this past weekend and he saw Jessica Simpson in the hotel lobby!! She even had her little dog Daisy (I think) with her! Neat, huh?
This past Saturday, we went to the OVC Championship with our good friends Tommy and Marisa. Tommy's Dad had box seats so we had plenty of room for Chloe to run around and be Toddler-like! The game was great. It actually went into double overtime...Unfortunately, APSU lost by 2 was a Sad Moment for the Peay....
Have a great week! This weekend, I am off to Gatlinburg for Brittnye's Bachelorette Bash! Can't wait :)


  1. that's awesome! i'll miss seeing you in those cute glasses though...seriously, you look so great in them! love the goggle pic! have fun in gatlinburg! :)

  2. You definitely rock the goggle look!
    and I watched the boys game on TV and it was a pretty exciting finish.
    Oh, Chloe's eyes match yours now. you both have the same brown with shades of green. pretty girls!