Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This past Saturday, we had our second class of Gymnastics. Chloe did so much better this week...she is really warming up to it. It was so adorable...Chloe and Addison had on matching outfits! We attempted to get a picture of them together...it did not work out too well...but here ya go (P.S. Please disregard me in this picture...I am having to wear my glasses because I am having Lasik this Thursday...I hate them and am ready to be done wearing them PLUS it was early in the AM!)....
On to Potty Training...Chloe is doing so WELL! We came home Friday night and immediately put on big girl panties. She sat on the potty for at least 30 minutes and went #1 and #2!! I was so proud. Before we came home, we went to the dollar store so that we could get "potty treats." She picked out suckers (of course) and m&m's. She also picked out a new "lipstick" (aka--chap stick)...So, every time she goes #1 or #2 on the potty she gets a treat. Because she was such a big girl and went #2 the first time we tried, I went ahead and gave her the "lipstick" too! Both Saturday and Sunday, she went #1 a few times and even #2....I am so proud. Here she is on Friday showing off her Ring Pop she got out of the treat bag!
Since Chloe is now officially 2 1/2, she has moved up to the big 2 year old classroom. She is now in the back building...which makes me feel like she is so old!! She was a little hesitant yesterday when we pulled up. She immediately knew there was a change (even though we have talked about it for weeks). We went in and she kind of hung on my pants. Her new teacher, Miss Jill, was very sweet. I was told yesterday afternoon that Chloe clung to her all day! She sat on the potty a little bit too! They work really hard on potty training in this room...so I am glad about that. They also learn more numbers, work hard on ABCs, etc. I did not have my camera with me to mark the occasion so I took a few quick pictures this morning as we were walking in!
Walking into school...

Just a little timid...doesn't she look sweet :)

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  1. welcome to the back building! hayden loves it back there b/c he gets to play with the "school agers" in the afternoons. hope she adjusts well.