Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 26th My Sweetie!

To My Husband--I love you more and more each day...I hope you know that. I am so excited that we have spent the last 10 years growing and learning together! They have truly been the best and most exciting years of my life! Here's to the 10th birthday that we have celebrated together...I hope for 50 more! Happy 26th! Love~Your Adoring Wife :)

If you can't is Blake's Big 26th Birthday. He is officially on the down slope towards 30....crazy. I can still say, thankfully, that I am still in my mid-20's (Ha)!! To celebrate, we went to eat dinner at Hananoki. That is where we ALWAYS go for Jenkins Birthday is like a tradition, which I love by the way :) We had a lot of fun..Chloe included. Blake got several fun birthday treats from Casey, Scott, Don and Sandy! Thanks Everyone! Here are a few fun pictures of the occasion:
First up, Casey and Scott got Blake a pair of jeans...but the funny part was what is above. Casey and Blake just got back from TX...while there, Casey said Blake drank SO many Diet was crazy. So, she got him a 6 pack of Cokes and a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss to scrub all the sugar away...very clever :)
Blake's Mom and Dad got him this great shirt! It is one of those that is sweat proof (I think)'s a really neat material!
This was from them as well...just for fun! Sandy said she could not resist when she saw it in the store!
Blake's yummy Birthday dessert courtesy of Hananoki!
Chloe using her kid-friendly chopsticks!
Attempt at a Birthday Family Picture!
Look at these 2 adorable outfits Don and Sandy got Chloe! So cute! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so Chloe can sport these!
Happy Thursday!

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