Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a bit of randomness...lately

Water day has started back up at Cindy's house...
I love the pictures she texts us of the candid!

Last Saturday night, I went to Lauren & Jarred's wedding.  It was absolutely precious.  It was very laid back and low key--everyone wore cowboy boots & the reception was held at the Hayloft Barn in Port Royal!!  So fun!  They had a photo booth set up for everyone to take fun got a strip of film and we left one for the bride & groom to enjoy as well!  Great times with great friends!  Congrats to the happy couple!
{I'm down in the right hand corner ;)}
Chloe has recently started Day Camp at The Giving Tree.  We LOVE IT THERE!  It's a bit of a drive for us every day but so worth it!!  Chloe has enjoyed the pool time and the fun field trips they plan for the kids!  On the first day, I noticed this award on the door.... 
YAY Chloe..."Cool Kid Award--for setting such a great example for others!"

I got to spend a few hours with some of the my favorite people a few weekends ago...a nice {quiet} girls dinner out with Lauren, Stacey, & Brittnye!  We ate at Cabana in Nashville....

A few words to live by...

The kids have been enjoying the "sprinkle" lately {as Carter calls it}....
I loved this picture of the sun setting, Riley, and Carter playing in the water.  

More "sprinkle" fun!

Carter & Ava Claire at Civitan Park

"Under the Sea" day at The Giving Tree--My Little Mermaid
**Back story--this photo was taken before we headed to school.  She looked precious and even asked if this could be her Halloween costume in the Fall. Well, when we got to school, she walked into the school age room and NO ONE ELSE was dressed up :(  She was mortified.  Chloe instantly hid under my skirt and started crying. My heart broke for her.  We ran to the bathroom and took the costume off instantly.  So...lesson learned.

This boy...and this truck.
It's about the sweetest thing you will ever see.  Being a Mom of a boy is the sweetest and most trying thing.  He is just so darn cute so it's hard to get mad at this face. Anyway, he's also saying so much funny stuff lately...
Carter Blake
2 1/2 years old
*currently in the throws of potty training--will go pee / poop in the potty ALL DAY at daycare...Mommy tends to forgot to ask him at night so we have had several accidents already this week
*calls the slip-n-slide the "sprinkle"
*told me his birthday is in October {thanks Cindy}
*can recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet, can tell me something that starts with the letter, and the sound of the letter
*can count to 20 {and can recognize most up to 10}
*loves chocolate milk {but asks for white milk too}
*sleeps with 20 stuffed animals and 3-4 blankets at any given time {notices if you take any of them out}
*fights us going to bed, but as soon as you sit him in his crib, says "Hug & Kiss...sleep tight...wuv you Mommy"
*currently loves his "riley" dog {there are 2--a small boxer stuffed animal and a monkey pillow pet that he thinks looks like Riley}
*OBSESSED with cars...lines all 100 matchbox cars up on the carpet and then says "Mommy, they go to the gas station!!"
*everything is yellow right now {favorite color, I guess}
*loves the pool--loves to jump off the side, swim to the stairs, repeat--thank goodness for the puddle jumper
*loves the BIG BATH TUB aka Mommy & Daddy's Jacuzzi tub {thanks for fixing it Papa}
*hates hair cuts...but constantly says "I get haircut?"
*still in crib but no longer uses high chair
*favorite things to eat: gold fish, cookies, macaroni, cereal bars, cheezits 
*almost out weighs Chloe {currently the size of a 3 / 4 year old}
*has the memory of an elephant...can remember who gave him what toys, remembers everything we say and then uses it way later {not always a good thing ;)}
*favorite tv shows--Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Little Bill, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates
*favorite movie--Leap Frog Letter Factory

The list could go on and on...

Some of the funny things are documented in text by our sitter, Cindy...
funny example of the things Carter says:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Turn It Up"

This past Saturday {June 1st, 2013} was Chloe's 4th dance recital.
This was Chloe's first year with Rewind Academy of Dance.
She {well, we} have had such an amazing experience this past year.  Through the middle of the year, she was kind of 'over it' not because of the environment...I just think she was being a 6 year old...but, after her recital she told me that she really wants to stick with dance...I plan to ask her again in a few weeks to make sure 100% she wants to recommit in August! 

The one thing I took away from this experience was the laid back one was stressed...not the kids OR the parents!  They weren't looking for perfection..JUST FUN!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

//all dolled up and ready to head to Clement Auditorium. I can't get over how OLD she looks here//

//her 3 costumes for the day 
1-Jazz number to Justin Bieber's "Baby" 2-Ballet number 3-Tap number to "Basshead"// 

//Chloe's finale outfit...she looked SO CUTE// 

//Thanks to Aunt KK for snapping so many great pictures...happy to have Jenks, KK, Chandler, Papa, Birdie, and Sam there to support her// 

//I just love the sass in this picture// 

//group shot of the whole studio with Ms. Becky// 

Thanks to Becky & her entire team for an amazing year!  I know Chloe truly loved the relationships she made with her class and the older girls that took her under their wing!

Here's to another fun year!