Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Turn It Up"

This past Saturday {June 1st, 2013} was Chloe's 4th dance recital.
This was Chloe's first year with Rewind Academy of Dance.
She {well, we} have had such an amazing experience this past year.  Through the middle of the year, she was kind of 'over it' not because of the environment...I just think she was being a 6 year old...but, after her recital she told me that she really wants to stick with dance...I plan to ask her again in a few weeks to make sure 100% she wants to recommit in August! 

The one thing I took away from this experience was the laid back atmosphere...no one was stressed...not the kids OR the parents!  They weren't looking for perfection..JUST FUN!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

//all dolled up and ready to head to Clement Auditorium. I can't get over how OLD she looks here//

//her 3 costumes for the day 
1-Jazz number to Justin Bieber's "Baby" 2-Ballet number 3-Tap number to "Basshead"// 

//Chloe's finale outfit...she looked SO CUTE// 

//Thanks to Aunt KK for snapping so many great pictures...happy to have Jenks, KK, Chandler, Papa, Birdie, and Sam there to support her// 

//I just love the sass in this picture// 

//group shot of the whole studio with Ms. Becky// 

Thanks to Becky & her entire team for an amazing year!  I know Chloe truly loved the relationships she made with her class and the older girls that took her under their wing!

Here's to another fun year!

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