Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPhone photo dump

In no particular order....

We did a bit of swimming with KK & Chandler to celebrate Memorial Day...followed by a yummy Pasta Bravo dinner {thanks to KK ;)}
Chloe showing us her moves!

& Carter just being cute!

I'm so thankful these 2 love the water...and are fairly self sufficient.  Makes my time at the pool a bit more relaxing!

A visit to the park w/ Haven & Baby Robert ended with Chloe looking like a flower child! 

A visit to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries w/ my 2 favorites!
{by the way, when I snapped this picture, Carter was in mid dance move...wish the picture could have captured how into it he really was}

A doughnut date with these 2 as well...

Tiny fingers enjoying the pretty weather and windows down!
{these are Carter's fingers for the record}

More pool fun...this time enjoying a sweet treat!

"I'm a race car driver, Mom"

Some much needed inspiration on Sunday morning from our previous Pastor at Grace Community Church.

This sweet girl is now officially a 2nd grader.
I received her report card in the mail--straight A's to end the year.
She only had 1 B the entire year...and it was a 91 in Reading her first 6 weeks.
Incredibly proud of her!
{photo taken on her last day of school}

A quick photo of me before work last week...I'm in love with this bright yellow tunic from Kikilarue! 

Finally, I was planning to be out of town this last weekend but it didn't work out.  So, I was able to take part in the Memorial Day CrossFit Event!  It wan incredibility intense.  The event could be done by yourself or with a partner...of course, I needed a partner to split all this craziness up with...so Amanda & I did it together!  Couldn't as for a better work out buddy...she keeps me motivated and pushes me harder than anyone ever has!  By the way, she is 6 months pregnant ;)  Here is a before and after from the day!



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