Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day & More

I wanted to start this blog out with this picture because it was taken just days after I became a Mommy of 2 {I think Carter was 12 days old}.  Though I feel like I struggle everyday with Motherhood, I am truly blessed with the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful children I could have ever asked for.  They love me unconditionally no matter what and for that, I'm so grateful!  I'm so proud to be their Momma! 

This past Sunday I got to celebrate my 7th year as a Mommy!!
{I am also counting when I was pregnant with Chloe...cause it counts ;) }
We started out the day at Church, followed by lunch, and then a trip to the Zoo. 
The weather was perfect for our 1st visit to the Zoo this year.  Sadly, we were called out of Church because Carter said his head hurt-long story short-Blake took him home to give him some Tylenol and he got sick in the car. He took a quick nap while Chloe & I ate and then we headed to the Zoo.  He was so good all day even though it was quite apparent he didn't feel good.  He made it all the way home before getting sick again.  Poor little guy :( 

{this is pretty much how he looked the entire day}

{my first born...she made me a Mommy}

{Chloe & Chandler Kate in front of the purple iris's at the zoo}

I was given several sweet treats...perfect for me and the things I have going on right now!  I'm most excited about my Dick's gift card...who would have ever thought I would say that...I'm on my way to owning my first pair of Crossfit shoes!!  Speaking of, I have started doing Crossfit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Amanda!  I am IN LOVE!  Even though she has to bully me into going every morning...I am always so glad I show up!  

{our ridiculous conversations at 5am via text}

{my first WOD I ever did took place in Amanda's killed me and kept me sore for 4 days}

{a few sweet treats from my girl}

Last Friday, I was invited to Chloe's Class for a Mother's Day Celebration.  The kids sang to us, served us donuts and juice, and gave us several very sweet hand made treats!  My favorite thing of all is my sweet little plant that is currently sprouting on my window sill! 

{the kids singing us a Mother's Day song}

I had a great Mother's Day thanks to my sweet family...very appreciative of a nice relaxing day!
In other no particular order:

Today, Chloe had Field Day!  All week she has been telling me how excited she is about Field Day, but she was not looking forward to the sack race!  Well, coincidentally  I received this picture this morning from her teacher...Chloe ready to take off during the sack race!

And guess what???  She came in 3rd!  So proud for her!!

Carter has been extra snugly lately so I snapped this picture of him while we were watching the Lorax together!

Ms. Kemmer sent me this picture of Chloe & Rebekah during Technology Day!  The girls also brought in their American Girl Dolls so they could play together :) 

Just an old picture I came across...Carter was 9 months old.  I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  I really wish we could go back to when he was a baby...I would freeze him just like that if I could...well, let me take that back...I am absolutely in love with this 2 1/2 year old stage as well...yes, he sometimes likes to be a stinker and let his terrible 2's show...but overall, he is so funny, sweet, loving and amazes me every day with how smart he is! He is my sweet, sweet boy! 

I had some free time recently so I took the kids to the park that is right by our house.  They both love it so much because it is right next to 3 baseball fields...they love watching the other kids play!

And finally, Chloe got this project from school because the whole class was good!!  She started working on it last night, quickly finished it, and decided she wanted to give it to her teacher, Ms. Kemmer!  Sweet girl!

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  1. Glad you liked the Mother's Day flower! :) Hope it grows nicely for you!

    and I TRULY enjoyed having Chloe in class. She is THE SWEETEST girl ever!!!


    Have a good summer!!!