Friday, August 29, 2008

Here Lately

Okay, I'm getting worse and worse about posting. Well, as usual, tons of things have been going on at the Jenkins Household. I have attached a few pictures of 'things' lately! Chloe coloring, helping Daddy pack (Blake went to Houston for 4 days), riding her bike, hanging out at the lake, wearing Mommy's high know, the norm. Lately, to be very honest, life has been stressful. I'm am learning to juggle and eliminate unnecessary things from my life...I'll keep you posted, it is certainly a work in progress. Sometimes I feel like life gets in the way...well, that stops today! Anyway, this weekend is my Birthday...the big "25" exciting. My insurance goes down! It's a sad day when that is what you look forward to....welcome to Adult life! :) Next week is Chloe's 2nd Birthday. I can't wait for all the festivities! We are having a lady bug themed birthday party, and I have been working very hard to get all the last minute details put together! Enjoy the pictures, and I will post pictures of Chloe's Birthday soon! Happy Labor Day Weekend :)

Meet Miss Kathryn Luther. Beautiful Daughter of Kyle and Mary Luther! She was born 8.8.08! Fun, huh!?!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A fun week :)

We took another trip to Chuck E Cheese last week! It was fun. Chloe always enjoys hanging out with her friends. This trip we went with Jack and Addison. We ate pizza and rode rides. Chloe just loves it! Saturday night we went to an amazing wedding--Jay and Becky Smith--it was so fun! Dancing, Drinking, Good Food....what else can you ask for? Oh, yummy cake! I'll take that too! Enjoy the pictures! The close up of Chloe is to show her pretty blue 'lip stick.' She was coloring at school with her 'Friends' and one of them put the blue marker to her lips like lip stick. Needless to say, it was not lip stick and it did not come off easily! She is so girly...I won't deny that! :) All in all, it has been a fulfilling week!