Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 years later--NEHS Class Reunion 2011

In May 2001, Blake and I graduated from Northeast High School.  I really (really) can't believe it has been 10 years since then!  A lot has happened, many things have changed...but, I look back on that time of my life so fondly.  I LOVED high school...yes, I was that girl.  I cried the entire last week of my Senior year.  I was devastated that it was over.  You know when people ask if you could go back, would you?  Yes, I would go back in 2.2 seconds..not to college, but to my high school years.  I was blessed with a great boyfriend (he's now my husband :)) & equally as great friends...many of whom I'm still super close with!  Here are a few pictures from NOW & THEN

Senior Prom May 2001
Blake and I were Prom King & Queen (sadly, I don't have a picture of him and I that night after we won...but I have the memory!)
The great thing is...I'm still super close with many of the girls pictured above!

Our Reunion was held at the Clarksville Country Club last Saturday!  It was fun and a little exhausting putting it all together, but it was TOTALLY worth the effort!  Thanks to everyone that came out!  I had a blast!  Here are a few pictures from the night (in no particular order)!
Great friends 
Me & Whitney 
Elizabeth, Brittnye, & Me 
Lane & Me (he's like my brother) 
Victoria, Kristen, & Me 
Oh, just Amanda Forbes at the 'after party'...have to get some co-worker love :) 
My camera was acting quite funny that night! 
The night before, we headed downtown to have some fun...we wanted to pretend we were 18 again :) 
Kayla (my planning partner in crime), Kasey, & Me 
Lindsey & Me (we go WAY back)!  Congrats to her & Omar on their engagement! 
Beth & Katie!  Beth had a patch made for was the superlative for 'traveled the farthest.'  She came in from Oregon! 
The Bestie 
The Hubby 
Josh & Me

I have to say, my 10 year Reunion was amazing!  We had the best weekend!  I'm already looking forward to my 20th....well, not looking forward to being almost 40 at that point...but ya know!

Sickness has struck

Well, looks can be deceiving.  Especially in the case of this baby boy!  This picture was taken a few weeks ago, but he has been sick for about that long.  A terrible cough and horrible diaper rash have just lingered.  I finally took him to the night clinic yesterday.  After a few X-Rays, we discovered that he has a spot on his right lung...first stages of pneumonia.  Sad moment for this Momma.  The Nurse Practitioner wrote us a prescription for an antibiotic that will hopefully nip this in the bud along with a prescription to help his red bottom!  Through all this, he has been just the happiest boy.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable he has been!  My little trooper :)

A big THANKS to the staff at Premier for staying late to help take care of my Boy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bath Time Adventures

Carter desperately needed a bath on Sunday.  Unfortunately, Chloe was taking a nap in her room, and they have a Jack-n-Jill type bathroom.  I thought our kitchen sink was a good did Carter!  He had the best time, and I didn't have to worry about him slipping because he is chunky enough to take up the entire thing!  He was very interested in the water coming out of the spout!  We had ourselves a good little time!

On another Carter note, we had two fun 'mis-haps' yesterday.  1-He decided to crawl up 4 stairs...thankfully he got a little scared and stopped and cried.  I found him there (I was cooking dinner..bad Mom, I know) before anything could happen.  Needless to say, a gate will be up today! 2-He face planted into our tile after being startled by Chloe.  His top right tooth has just broken through so it has a little sharp edge.  That made for a bloody mess...after he was all cleaned up, all that was left was a tiny cut!  Still made all of us a sad.  I don't remember all these crazy things happening with Chloe...maybe people are right about boys :)

Photo Dump...Chloe Edition

Well, as I scroll through my phone, I have been noticing lots of random pictures.  That is because Chloe is obsessed with my phone, Blake's phone, and the IPad.  I guess kids are just much more tech savvy these days.  She doesn't do half bad with the things either!  Here are a few of the photos she took yesterday!
Carter & Daddy...oh, and Chloe's finger! 
Self portrait 
Chloe & Bitty Baby Maggie 
The Silly Brother

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Princess Turns 5

This post is a little late, but...better late than never!

Chloe had a joint 5th birthday party with her buddy Addison a few weeks ago!  The girls were born 1 day apart...they have been friends since birth...literally!  Having the party together was truly the best idea ever.  They had a Gymnastics themed party at Action Gymnastics!  The kids were able to run around and have free time in the gym, we took a break for cupcakes and presents, and then more running around!  Perfect!  All the kids had a great time.  I think Chloe and Addison enjoyed doing it together!  It definitely made things easier for the Mommas!  Here are a few pictures from the day (thanks to Ashley for taking them for us)!  Enjoy!

The sweet birthday girls~Chloe & Addison

This picture was probably my favorite!  I love how innocent and happy they look!

Thanks to everyone that helped to celebrate Chloe & Addison's big day!  We love you all!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my Brother-In-Law's birthday!  So, first, Happy Birthday Scottie! 
Chloe helping Scottie blow out his candle!

On another note, I had a first last night.  I'm only writing about this here because I want to look back and remember this not so funny, yet funny memory of my sweet baby boy.  The above picture was taken at Pizza Hut last night. The Jenkins Family was enjoying a nice birthday dinner of pizza, salad, and bread sticks.  Both the kids seemed to be in good spirits.  As the night went on, I noticed Carter wasn't eating very much.  As you can tell from previous posts and pictures....he is a big boy and has a hefty appetite.  Well, I had made the comment a time or 2 that I thought he may not feel great.  Chloe noticed he had used the bathroom so I picked him up to change him.  As soon as I started walking to the bathroom, he started coughing...and everything he had eaten came up with it.  YUCK.  Bless that baby's heart.  He just didn't feel well.  Needless to say, we both left a sticky mess and our poor waiter was about to be sick himself.  It is something that had never happened before...and I pray never happens again!  Thankfully the restaurant wasn't too packed!  Nice way to end the night! :)

Mrs. King's Kindergarten Class

Chloe's teacher, Mrs. King, shared some photos from the last few weeks.  I love seeing Chloe interacting with her makes me happy that she is such a little social butterfly!  Enjoy!
Chloe's buddies--Lilly & Rebecca 
Dress like your favorite character day!  
Dress-A-Like day--Chloe's entire class 
This is part of Mrs. King's door for the Door Wars!  I thought this was noteworthy because it says Chloe will be part of the Class of 2024!!  Crazy to think about!  Also, I love that they painted owls (Chi-O's mascot)...we are starting the girls out early!
The entire class on Blue & Gold Day!

Thanks to Mrs. King for sharing these special moments with us!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Month-Day Carter--11 Months


Where has the time gone?  In less than 30 days you will no longer be my baby are quickly on your way to toddler-hood.  You will be 1!!  I can already tell you are going to give me and your Daddy a run for our money!  Even though you are still just crawling (fast, I might add), you are all over the place and interested in everything.  It is crazy how different you are from your Sister.  You want to touch and see everything.  You are pretty good about listening when we tell you "no"....which we have to yell out quite often due to your growing curiousity!  If you don't end up being a football player when you get a bit bigger, I would be surprised.  You already eat more than Chloe (and me for that matter)....I now understand what people are talking about when they speak of their growing boys!  You still love your bottle, but we are going to have to say good-bye to it very soon!  The sippy cup will become your new best friend!  You are now in size 5 diapers!  Some of your favorite words are...well, really you just have 1--it's Dada.  Every word you attempt to say starts with the "D" sound!  It's pretty cute.  If I say "Mama," you say "Dada."  I know you think its funny!  Your newest trick is waving "Bye" while saying "Dydydydy."  We love you so much Carter.  Everyday you bring us more joy.  Just last night we were talking about how we don't remember the time before you were here.  You have rounded out our family perfectly!

Your Mama
Bath Time Fun
Though I always talk about how sweet you are...there are those times we have a melt down or is the sweetest crying face you will ever see! 
Poor thing :)

Enjoying all the firsts!

Friday night was Clarksville Academy's Homecoming Football Game!  We thought it was a prime time to introduce Chloe to her first 'real' football game!  She kept telling everyone how excited she was to go to a 'real' game!  I thought it was pretty cute!  Chloe's Senior Buddy, Claire, was on the Homecoming Court so we wanted to go and support her as well!  We loaded up as soon as Blake walked in the door from his trip to DC.  The night was enough that we were comfortable!  Carter had a good time too...he had a little scare in the beginning from the noise, but I think he got transfixed by all the lights, noise, and people!  Needless to say, both kids conked out as soon as we loaded them in the car!  It was a great night!
Chloe & Claire
Doesn't Claire look stunning! 
This was the best I could do from the stands...but I wanted to mark the occasion!