Friday, September 9, 2011

1/2 a decade under her belt

"Live in the present because soon the present will become the past"

Sorry about the and my 5 year old!

This is so sweet baby girl, my 1st born is now 5 whole years old!  She is so proud of it too!  It is amazing how the years have flown by!  But, enough about how sad I am....on to the celebration of 5 sweet years of life!  

Chloe turned 5 on Tuesday, September 6th (at 9:28am--to be exact).  We decided to celebrate her birthday that day with a small get together and cake!  We ate pizza at Don and Sandy's house and visited with The Combs Crew too!  We went ahead and let Chloe open her treats from us.  We got her a Barbie Tablet (set up kind of like a little IPAD) because she is obssessed with Blake's.  I figure if she wants to "play" with it, then the learning benefit will be a good thing too!  We also got her a Barbie 'boom box' and a Taylor Swift CD.  She has listened to the CD every night since...thankful for a good role model that my little girl can look up to!  Chloe ended the night by telling me it was the best birthday ever.  Though she and I might butt heads, she really melts my heart.

Chloe and CKC
The girls and Uncle Scottie
Daddy with the kiddos

My Mom picked Chloe up on Thursday and spent the afternoon with her.  They ate dinner at Rafferty's and Mom gave her a few birthday treats as well!  She got her a Barbie Jeep that she LOVES and a kid friendly camera because Chloe has been crazy about taking pictures on my phone lately.

My Dad plans to pick her up this evening and let her pick out her own treat at Toys R Us.  I know she will just love that!  It will be a good time for them to spend together and catch up!

The BIG party is planned for Saturday at Action Gymnastics!  We are so excited.  It will be a double party with our buddy Addison.  They are 1 day apart in age!  The kids will have some time to play in the gym and we will do cupcakes too!  Chloe and Addison are looking forward to it!  

So far, 5 has been good to Chloe...looking forward to spending many more birthdays with this sweet face!

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