Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mrs. King's Kindergarten Class

Chloe's teacher, Mrs. King, shared some photos from the last few weeks.  I love seeing Chloe interacting with her makes me happy that she is such a little social butterfly!  Enjoy!
Chloe's buddies--Lilly & Rebecca 
Dress like your favorite character day!  
Dress-A-Like day--Chloe's entire class 
This is part of Mrs. King's door for the Door Wars!  I thought this was noteworthy because it says Chloe will be part of the Class of 2024!!  Crazy to think about!  Also, I love that they painted owls (Chi-O's mascot)...we are starting the girls out early!
The entire class on Blue & Gold Day!

Thanks to Mrs. King for sharing these special moments with us!!


  1. so jealous of the smaller class!!!

  2. Yeah, it has certainly helped her transition a little easier. It's easier for me to remember the kids as well :)