Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spirt Week Day 2 & 3...and a bit more!

So, Spirit Week continues at CA!  Wednesday was Western Day!  The kids were encouraged to dress in their favorite Cowboy and Cowgirl duds!  I found the greatest little plaid dress at my favorite consignment sale this was perfect timing!  Chloe rocked her outfit!  I could tell she felt COUNTRY!  We braided her hair for the final effect!  Yee-haw!
This same afternoon, Chloe had her Senior Buddy Picnic.  This program  is so neat and will create so many fun memories for Chloe!  I really think it is so positive having a Senior Role Model for the Kindergartners to look up to.  Claire, Chloe's buddy, couldn't be a more perfect match.  She has a fun spirit, is spunky, and a cheerleader!  Actually, Chloe and Claire almost matched perfectly on Western Day--red plaid and braids! 

I have to note here, Chloe didn't behave quite the way I wanted her to at the picnic...sadly, I left feeling a bit upset.  Not to go into too much detail (because she and I have moved on from this), she had her moment while there....we had our moment once I picked her up.  I just wanted to put it down so that when I look back I can remember this time...the last few weeks have been a transitional time for her and's all a learning experience!

Here are a few pictures of Chloe, her Senior Buddy Claire, and a fun group shot of everyone!

Thursday was PJ Day!  I think Chloe was really looking forward to this day!  Who wouldn't?  I would totally take advantage of a day at work with my pj's on!  She picked her Mermaid jammies!  We are looking forward to the final day of Homecoming week--Blue and Gold Day!  Tomorrow night we will attend our first Clarksville Academy Football game!  I'm looking forward to seeing how Chloe reacts to all the excitement!
I headed to school yesterday to help with the 'door wars.'  All the classes in lower school decorated their door for a head to head contest!  The concept for Mrs. King's door was adorable!  The judging was this morning, and from what Chloe said, her class WON!  I look forward to confirmation tomorrow!  She said they had a big blue bow on their door today!  We shall see! 

This is a close-up of the little people sitting on the bleachers..isn't that the cutest thing!

Oh, we can't forget about our favorite boy!  Carter is still on the move, but he is now pulling up on everything!  He has also taken a few steps...behind toys and such!  But, still steps!

A few more Chloe tidbits!  She got a fun package in the mail a few days ago.  She was finally able to open it tonight!  Grauntie--we love the sweet treat you sent Chloe!  It is a toggle necklace with a "C" charm on it!  We are in love!
Oh, and Chloe grabbed Blake's glasses the other day...thought it was a sweet picture!  I guess we know Chloe would look adorable with that extra set of eyes!
Happy Thursday!

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