Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my Brother-In-Law's birthday!  So, first, Happy Birthday Scottie! 
Chloe helping Scottie blow out his candle!

On another note, I had a first last night.  I'm only writing about this here because I want to look back and remember this not so funny, yet funny memory of my sweet baby boy.  The above picture was taken at Pizza Hut last night. The Jenkins Family was enjoying a nice birthday dinner of pizza, salad, and bread sticks.  Both the kids seemed to be in good spirits.  As the night went on, I noticed Carter wasn't eating very much.  As you can tell from previous posts and pictures....he is a big boy and has a hefty appetite.  Well, I had made the comment a time or 2 that I thought he may not feel great.  Chloe noticed he had used the bathroom so I picked him up to change him.  As soon as I started walking to the bathroom, he started coughing...and everything he had eaten came up with it.  YUCK.  Bless that baby's heart.  He just didn't feel well.  Needless to say, we both left a sticky mess and our poor waiter was about to be sick himself.  It is something that had never happened before...and I pray never happens again!  Thankfully the restaurant wasn't too packed!  Nice way to end the night! :)


  1. way to break a mama in, carter! ;)
    at least it was at the end!!

  2. haha...I know. It was quite the experience...I almost just had to laugh because of the craziness of it all :)