Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 years later--NEHS Class Reunion 2011

In May 2001, Blake and I graduated from Northeast High School.  I really (really) can't believe it has been 10 years since then!  A lot has happened, many things have changed...but, I look back on that time of my life so fondly.  I LOVED high school...yes, I was that girl.  I cried the entire last week of my Senior year.  I was devastated that it was over.  You know when people ask if you could go back, would you?  Yes, I would go back in 2.2 seconds..not to college, but to my high school years.  I was blessed with a great boyfriend (he's now my husband :)) & equally as great friends...many of whom I'm still super close with!  Here are a few pictures from NOW & THEN

Senior Prom May 2001
Blake and I were Prom King & Queen (sadly, I don't have a picture of him and I that night after we won...but I have the memory!)
The great thing is...I'm still super close with many of the girls pictured above!

Our Reunion was held at the Clarksville Country Club last Saturday!  It was fun and a little exhausting putting it all together, but it was TOTALLY worth the effort!  Thanks to everyone that came out!  I had a blast!  Here are a few pictures from the night (in no particular order)!
Great friends 
Me & Whitney 
Elizabeth, Brittnye, & Me 
Lane & Me (he's like my brother) 
Victoria, Kristen, & Me 
Oh, just Amanda Forbes at the 'after party'...have to get some co-worker love :) 
My camera was acting quite funny that night! 
The night before, we headed downtown to have some fun...we wanted to pretend we were 18 again :) 
Kayla (my planning partner in crime), Kasey, & Me 
Lindsey & Me (we go WAY back)!  Congrats to her & Omar on their engagement! 
Beth & Katie!  Beth had a patch made for was the superlative for 'traveled the farthest.'  She came in from Oregon! 
The Bestie 
The Hubby 
Josh & Me

I have to say, my 10 year Reunion was amazing!  We had the best weekend!  I'm already looking forward to my 20th....well, not looking forward to being almost 40 at that point...but ya know!


  1. Great blog :) Of course I had to crash the reunion!

  2. Oh yea girl! You know I love the nude boot had to make an appearance! :)

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