Friday, September 9, 2011

So much to catch up on....

Let's first start with my birthday festivities.  The week of my birthday, I was thinking Blake and I were going to have a low key dinner on Friday.  He had arranged everything...babysitter, reservations, etc.  All I was told is that we were to be in Nashville by 7:45.  So, to my surprise :), he was rushing me out the door at 6:15.  I was a little confused to say the least.  First stop, dropping off the kids at Grandy and Jenks' house.  

So I quickly get the kids loaded and grab their bags.  On the way over there (a few minute drive), I noticed Blake kept looking at his phone...I thought it to be strange, but didn't think too much about it.  Well, as we got closer to Blake's parent's house, he said "this is going to be a different kind of birthday!"  When we pulled into the neighborhood, there stood a large crowd of my friends and family...just waiting for us to arrive.  I was completely shocked.  I couldn't believe it!  They were all there to celebrate with me!  I was in pure shock for about an hour...nothing like this has ever happened to me.  Blake did an amazing job coordinating everything...with the sneaky help of my best friend, Brittnye!  

We had a few cocktails, visited, ate birthday cake and then headed my next surprise.  Blake had lined up a Limo for us to ride to Nashville in!  I was thrilled!  We all loaded in and headed to dinner at Cantina Laredo followed by a fun night at my favorite Nashville hot spot, The Big Bang!  If you live close to Nashville, please visit this place.  It's a dueling piano bar!  Needless to say, towards the end of the night, I was up at the piano having 'Happy Birthday' sung to me...a great night indeed!  Thanks Blake for a fabulous start to 28!!  I love you!

Here is the Birthday Photo Collection thanks to Casey & Betsy!
pulling up...
Surprise!  I love Chloe's expression in this picture!
Everyone...take 1
Have to have a little fun...take 2
My girl, we are 7 days apart...more on her birthday next!
The loves of my life!
The best friend a girl can ask for!
Blowing out the birthday candles!  Just 1 (for you, Amanda)!
The coordinator!  Thanks Babe!
Ready to hit the town!  Oh, there was a bunch of balloons waiting inside the Limo!  He really did think of everything! 
On our way... 
Everyone @ Cantina Laredo 
Jean & Amelia 
Yummy birthday cake with a! 
On to The Big Bang on 2nd Avenue.... 
My photographer for the night, Betsy! 
On the stage for some Birthday singin'...good times!

Anyone that knows me knows I LIVE for Nashville Hot Dog Vendors!  Sadly, I didn't eat one this night...but had to stop for a photo-op! 
Impromptu stop at the gas station!

This really was the very BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!  Here's to a happy 28th year!

NEXT, more on my sweet 5 year old's birthday celebrations...

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