Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bath Time Adventures

Carter desperately needed a bath on Sunday.  Unfortunately, Chloe was taking a nap in her room, and they have a Jack-n-Jill type bathroom.  I thought our kitchen sink was a good alternative...so did Carter!  He had the best time, and I didn't have to worry about him slipping because he is chunky enough to take up the entire thing!  He was very interested in the water coming out of the spout!  We had ourselves a good little time!

On another Carter note, we had two fun 'mis-haps' yesterday.  1-He decided to crawl up 4 stairs...thankfully he got a little scared and stopped and cried.  I found him there (I was cooking dinner..bad Mom, I know) before anything could happen.  Needless to say, a gate will be up today! 2-He face planted into our tile after being startled by Chloe.  His top right tooth has just broken through so it has a little sharp edge.  That made for a bloody mess...after he was all cleaned up, all that was left was a tiny cut!  Still made all of us a sad.  I don't remember all these crazy things happening with Chloe...maybe people are right about boys :)


  1. not a bad mom, a busy and realistic mom. :)

  2. Thanks Laura...I really thought about it after I posted what happened...but, you are right. I'm busy and things like that are just going to happen...it’s inevitable! :)