Friday, September 16, 2011

Week-Day Wrap Up

Today is the final day of Spirit Week...I know Chloe is sad it is coming to an end...and frankly, so am I.  I have really enjoyed 're-living' these moments with Chloe.  Today is Blue and Gold Day!  Chloe wore her new CA Cougar shirt that I had made for her!  So sweet!  Gotta love the big bow too...Chloe's signature look (Thanks Grandy)!
 I asked Chloe this morning if she noticed this....
Sadly...she said NO!  Every morning I write her a note on her lunch napkin that I pack for her.  I'm hoping this can be a little tradition that I start for both kids.  I'm also hoping, as she learns to read, she will start to take more notice of this little encouragement I leave for her every day!

The boy was being extra sweet this morning while I was getting ready!  He is so close to walking...I better get ready...oh, and get the house baby proofed! Is it just me or does he look like a little man?
Well, I haven't mentioned this too much this week, but Blake has been in DC for the past 5 days at NADA Academy.  He traveled with my sister-in-law, Casey!  As we speak, they are on their way back from the trip!  We can't be more excited!  The kids...yes, even Carter...have been asking for DADADADA!  Here are a few pictures from their sight seeing adventures in DC!

Tonight, we are headed to our very 1st Clarksville Academy Football Game!  Chloe is SO excited!  Wish the Cougars luck as they take on East Robertson!  Go CA!

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