Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Month-Day Carter--11 Months


Where has the time gone?  In less than 30 days you will no longer be my baby are quickly on your way to toddler-hood.  You will be 1!!  I can already tell you are going to give me and your Daddy a run for our money!  Even though you are still just crawling (fast, I might add), you are all over the place and interested in everything.  It is crazy how different you are from your Sister.  You want to touch and see everything.  You are pretty good about listening when we tell you "no"....which we have to yell out quite often due to your growing curiousity!  If you don't end up being a football player when you get a bit bigger, I would be surprised.  You already eat more than Chloe (and me for that matter)....I now understand what people are talking about when they speak of their growing boys!  You still love your bottle, but we are going to have to say good-bye to it very soon!  The sippy cup will become your new best friend!  You are now in size 5 diapers!  Some of your favorite words are...well, really you just have 1--it's Dada.  Every word you attempt to say starts with the "D" sound!  It's pretty cute.  If I say "Mama," you say "Dada."  I know you think its funny!  Your newest trick is waving "Bye" while saying "Dydydydy."  We love you so much Carter.  Everyday you bring us more joy.  Just last night we were talking about how we don't remember the time before you were here.  You have rounded out our family perfectly!

Your Mama
Bath Time Fun
Though I always talk about how sweet you are...there are those times we have a melt down or is the sweetest crying face you will ever see! 
Poor thing :)


  1. Oh my gracious!! He is SOO cute!!

  2. Awww..thanks. He is my sweet baby boy! I'm loving every minute of having a boy! Thanks for checking out my blog :)