Friday, July 31, 2009

"Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing" ~ Milton Hershey

We had the most amazing time in Hershey PA! Last week, Sunday-Wednesday, we visited Hershey! We stayed at the Hershey Hotel...which was right across the street from Chocolate World and Hershey Park! The Hotel was beautiful and the Park was so fun! I documented our adventure in TONS of pictures. It was a lot of firsts...mainly, Chloe's first time riding Amusement park rides and being at a water park! Hershey Park had SO much for kids! Any adult ride you can think of, they had it in a miniature version for the kiddies. Once she got warmed up, she was all over the place. The Water Park within the Amusement Park was amazing too! It has a little wave pool for small kids and so much more. I caught myself telling Blake that we definitely need to go back. I mean really, it is somewhere I would NEVER have thought to visit, but it was one of the best Family Vacation spots I have ever seen! Oh, bonus, there was chocolate everywhere. Any time you wanted was there. They gave us Hershey Bars as soon as we checked in...every night, they would put Hershey kisses on our night stand! So fun! We had a great time. Oh, and even though Chloe was running on little to no sleep--she did fabulous! She was in a great mood most of the time and behaved so well! Great trip indeed!!

We are on our way! The first picture is us boarding the plane...the ticket taker gave Chloe some important paperwork to give to the Pilot...she felt important having a Big Job! As you can see, she was excited to be on the plane!

These were the kisses that they would put on our nightstand...Chloe and I enjoyed them! :)

The Rides at the Park...

Chloe and Blake

She loved this ride!

The Water Park...

Chloe and Jenks

Chloe and Jenks in the Water Castle

I loved this picture...she really enjoyed this part of the water park...water was shooting out of the ground. She ran around like crazy!
The Chocolate Factory...

Before the 3D show and the tour, we ate lunch inside. Blake let Chloe pick out a fun dessert...she chose a yummy Chocolate cupcake (that I ended up finishing off) :)

First, we did the 3D was about the History of Chocolate. I enjoyed it, but it scared Chloe to death!! Maybe she will like it next time.

(this picture was taken before we went it...that is why she is happy)
Next, we did the Interactive Ride. It explained how Chocolate was made from start to finish.

Every time the Talking Cows came by, Chloe would make the above face...very funny.
This is a picture of my sweet girl on the last night we were in Hershey. The bear she is holding is "Hershey." Blake bought it for her in the Chocolate Factory...she sleeps with it every night now!

Finally, while in the Park, Blake decided he just had to win Chloe a prize. The Bear below is evidence that Blake is pretty good at Amusement Park games. The Bear is HUGE! Don had to check it as luggage so that we could get it home. It kind of scares Chloe because it is so big...I'm sure she will get use to it!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Last night, Blake took me to the Melting Pot in Nashville. If you have never been, you must go...NOW! It is amazing. We got "The Big Night Out" Special. You get to sample pretty much everything they offer. We got the Fiesta Cheese Fondue to start, Yummy Salads, The Sampler of Meat with Lobster (YAY), and the Ying Yang Chocolate Dessert! It was a great night! I love the atmosphere there...very romantic! We had an amazing night! Thanks to Grandy and Jenks for watching our Boo while we had a nice night out!
They even put a candle on our dessert platter since we were celebrating :)
It literally looked like a Ying Yang...pretty fun!
We definitely did not leave hungry!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 years ago today...

I was preparing to marry my Best Friend. At 6:30pm on July 23rd, 2005, I officially became Mrs. Blake Jenkins! We had the most amazing day...It went off without a hitch! Here are a few quick pictures to enjoy! I look back on that day and wish that we could do it all over again!

We have had the most amazing 4 years--most notably--the birth of our precious daughter!

10 years ago, when we started dating, I could never have dreamed about all we would do together! Every day is an adventure...every day equally as special!

Blake, I look forward to 50 more blissful years together. Thank-you for being my everything, everyday! I love you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 4th of July--a little late

Well, this post is a little late. We had an amazing 4th! As tradition holds, we headed to the Lake for the weekend. We left Friday night and came home on Sunday. It was a relaxing weekend with lots of fun times! Chloe had a blast in the water....she is definitely not afraid...PLUS she loved her life jacket this year. She didn't want to take it off! Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

The above pic is of Chloe's first ride on a jet you can see, she HATED it...every last second of it!

Happy Birthday Jenks!

We just want to wish our very favorite "Jenks" a very happy birthday! We hope you have the best day ever! :) Jenks' celebration started on Sunday. We went over to Grandy and Jenks' house for a bbq and for some relaxing swim time. Well, it rained most of the time so we did not get to get in the water too much...but here are a few pictures from the day!

Chloe having fun 'swimming' by herself :)