Our Joyful Journey

Where did this 'Joyful Journey' begin?

Well, how about December 1998 to be exact.  Blake and I's first date....and yes, we were 15 and sophomores at Northeast High School.  Our first date consisted of parents driving, ice skating, dinner out, and a cat scan!  Well, my first go round on the ice skating rink didn't end well {actually ended with me hitting my head on the ice...ouch!}....and Blake will never ever get to live it down.

Jump to Spring 2001, Blake and I were Seniors, excited about Prom, and, of course, graduation!  Funny enough, Blake and I were not only high school sweet hearts, but we were also Prom King & Queen!  Crazy, huh?  It's a memory I will always {always} cherish!  Our Senior Year together was such an amazing experience, and I'm so glad Blake & I can tell our kids about the fun times we had 'way back then!'

We both headed to Austin Peay that fall!  Deciding to stay local wasn't a hard choice--Blake wanted to work for his family business while we went to school & my Dad was having to leave for a year for work {Military} so I didn't want to leave my Mom by herself {fun fact: I'm an only child}!  We jumped right into the College experience by joining a Fraternity (Pi Kappa Alpha} and a Sorority {Chi Omega}.  It was the best decision either of us ever made...so many great friends and so many great times!  College was exactly what it should be--lots of studying and lots of partying {wouldn't have it any other way}...bonus: I got to do it with my Best Friend, Blake!

Blake popped the big question on New Year's Eve 2003!  As of January 1st, 2004, I was on the road to becoming Mrs. Blake Jenkins!  At that point, we had been dating for 6 years!  I was excited that he made it official!

Right after graduation in May 2005, Blake & I got hitched!  
July 23, 2005
It was a beautiful Summer day {not too hot for the dead middle of Summer}.
We had such an amazing day followed by an amazing honeymoon in Cancun!

So what do all Newlyweds do, well, find out they are pregnant just 6 short months after getting hitched!  {I was 2 months when I found out in January 2006}!  That September we welcomed our Princess...Chloe Elizabeth.  She was a tiny package with a head full of jet black hair!  She came into the world with quite a voice {or lungs} and that hasn't changed.  She is a joy to our lives...never a dull moment with our Precious Princess!

Next to join the family {and round it out actually} was sweet baby Carter.  I actually found out I was pregnant with Carter on Valentines Day 2010!  I knew quickly with him....I was only 4 weeks along!  Carter Blake came into the world just as loud as his sister on October 17th, 2010!  He was so loud that my OB actually asked if he came with volume control!  Funny enough, he is the quieter of the 2 kids {so far anyway}!  He has been a precious addition to our family of 4!

All in all, Blake & I have lived an incredibly blessed life together so far....and we look forward to what the rest of the Joyful Journey brings!  Stay tuned for all the ups and downs of The Jenkins Family...because there is never a DULL moment around here!

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