Friday, July 10, 2009

It is about time

We finally did it. We took off the front of Chloe's crib last night!!! I is kind of insane that Chloe has been in a crib for almost 3 years...but seriously, everyone I have EVER talked to says to not take them out until they climb out. She has NEVER climbed out!! I know, I know..she is a good girl, but it was time. So....We made a big deal out of it and it worked perfectly. She went right to sleep with no problems. She didn't fall out (my worst fear) and she slept all the way thru the night. She has been having some sleeping problems lately. I think the main reason is because we were out of town for a week and then because she has started the new school. Hopefully, she will be able to transition into a Big Girl Full Bed in the Fall (that is when we are going to move her room)! Here is a pic to document the occasion!

1 comment:

  1. wow, i'm so impressed she stayed so long! i'm jealous too! glad it went well for everyone!