Monday, September 19, 2011

Enjoying all the firsts!

Friday night was Clarksville Academy's Homecoming Football Game!  We thought it was a prime time to introduce Chloe to her first 'real' football game!  She kept telling everyone how excited she was to go to a 'real' game!  I thought it was pretty cute!  Chloe's Senior Buddy, Claire, was on the Homecoming Court so we wanted to go and support her as well!  We loaded up as soon as Blake walked in the door from his trip to DC.  The night was enough that we were comfortable!  Carter had a good time too...he had a little scare in the beginning from the noise, but I think he got transfixed by all the lights, noise, and people!  Needless to say, both kids conked out as soon as we loaded them in the car!  It was a great night!
Chloe & Claire
Doesn't Claire look stunning! 
This was the best I could do from the stands...but I wanted to mark the occasion!

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