Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well, I guess I just haven't been snapping as many pictures lately.
I realized that when I went to finally update the 'ole blog and realized I didn't have many captured memories. 
One thing I wanted to jot down was how funny Carter is right now.
He is a little over 2 1/2 now and as funny {and rotten} as ever.

Both kids recently had hair cuts.  This was the first time that Carter sat in the chair by himself.  I couldn't believe it...thankful for the toy dinosaur that kept him somewhat occupied.  Hoping next time it goes even smoother.  He was in desperate need of a trim.  I didn't get an after picture, but here he is sitting nicely in the chair for Laura.

He looks a bit apprehensive!

He is currently OBSESSED with his matchbox cars....
as you can see: 

In the top picture, he told me "Momma, they are going to the gas station!"
He always lines ALL of them up, facing the same direction.
He has taken my OCD traits to a whole new level; I thought Chloe was particular.

I need to take a picture of it, but he currently sleeps with about 15 stuffed animals in the bed with him including a monkey pillow pet that he calls Riley.  This is on top of the 4 blankets he needs in the bed at all times.  He knows if anything is missing...he is very on top of it.  Whenever he find a stuffed animal around the house {generally they are Chloe's stuffed animals}, he immediately takes it up stairs and throws it in his bed.  He doesn't realize that he needs room to actually sleep in his bed too!

I have yet to change his bed to a toddler bed for fear of him not ever staying in the bed.  We didn't change Chloe until she was 3 so I'm hoping to hold out a bit longer.  He is also in the throws of potty training-to be honest, he does great at daycare {dry ALL DAY} but then he gets home and I I hear things like "Momma, I just peed..."  GREAT!  I need to be more on it so we can get him out of diapers already!

The other day, I headed to Nashville with Brittnye, Chloe, Carter, and Austin.  We were quite a sight dragging 3 kids around Green Hills Mall.  Well, because we were gone most of the day and Carter refused to miss a second of Team Umizoomi in the car...he never napped.  We sat down to eat dinner that night and when I looked over at him...this is what I saw.  He was sacked out before he even got more than 2 bites down.

I snapped this picture outside of Cindy's the other day. He looked so big and handsome {check out the new hair cut}.  9 times out of 10, he is a good boy, but he certainly can have a sassy mouth.  He likes to test me right now, but I know that is completely normal.  Like when he through a fit in Walgreens the other day because I wouldn't give in to him and buy the bag of M&Ms...he proceeded to lay out in the middle of an aisle and scream.  Thankfully, my big girl was there to help me out--she pushed out my cart and even loaded the few things I bought into the car for me.  So grateful that she knows when to step in without even being asked.

Speaking of Chloe, she got a new hair cut as well.
Per her request, Laura cut off 4 1/2 inches.  EEEKK!
I had to hold back the tears, but as you can see by her smile, she was so excited!
Her new thing is that she wants to do her own hair...I have a hard time letting go!

On our way home from school the other day, I looked at Chloe in the back seat and just couldn't help noticing what a beautiful young lady she is turning into...most of the time, she is so sweet and obliging.  I really take for granted how sweet she is.  Proud to be her Momma for sure!

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  1. Both are getting so big! I cannot believe how fast time flies by.. It is almost bitter sweet to some degree! Its cute that Chloe now wants to do her own hair & I am with Carter I like things a certain way :)