Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Sweetest Thing

I got this text from Chloe's teacher today:

Today, the kids had to write about someone that tries very hard...
honored that she thought of Blake & I!!

Here is the picture: 

Love that sweet girl!


On Tuesdays, Chloe has dance from 530-7.  I use this time to usually run errands...and I generally have Carter with me.  I cherish this time with him because its one on one and I get to soak in all his sweetness!  This past Tuesday, we ventured to Walmart.  He wanted to sit in the big part of the cart.  By the end of our shopping trip, he had groceries piled all around.  He would say "Momma, I build a tower!"  Except he has no concept that you can't stack cans on top of the bread.  Oh well...he was happy so I was happy!  I snapped a few pictures of him in the cute!

{eating Cheez-Its...we always have an opened box of something while we shop...helps keep him somewhat still}

{Carter surrounded by all the funny}


Monday night, Chandler came over to play...the kids had a blast!  I love watching them together.  They ran and ran and ran, ate a healthy dinner of chicken nuggets ;), and finished off the night with a Popsicle   

Sweet Cousin Time

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