Monday, April 8, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Well, we are finally home and settled from our last weekend trip for a while.  Sad that this weekend is over, but I am looking forward to some normalcy in our routine.  So, we were headed out to Connecticut for my cousin Emma's wedding on Thursday...I took advantage of Chloe being on Spring Break and took a 1/2 day on Wednesday.  We ran a few errands and ended up at the mall because she needed new shoes to wear in the wedding.  We ate ice cream and she some how talked me into letting her do this moon bouncy thing.  Not sure...but she sure did love it!  As far as Chloe was concerned it was the best $7 we could spend!

Thursday bright & early, we headed to Connecticut {after dropping our boy off at Cindy's house}.  Chloe  has been so incredibly excited for this trip.  She adores my Aunt Liz and she was busting at the seams to get up there and see everyone!   

American Girl & Starbucks...what more do you need? 

Thursday night was the rehearsal...sadly, we missed the actual rehearsal, but we were able to make it to the dinner / party afterwards...I was able to visit with so many people that I have known for 20 was just such a wonderful night full of great conversation...and food, of course!  Emma gave Chloe her flower girl present that night as well.  It's a sweet heart locket with her initials engraved in precious!  Chloe is so proud of it...she didn't even want to take it off last night when she got in the bathtub!

Friday was the actual wedding.  So we got ready and headed to my Aunt's house for some girly pampering.  It was such a relaxed atmosphere...I just remember on my wedding day running around like a crazy person!  Chloe was able to get her hair done along with Emma & my Aunt!

She looked gorgeous!

As time got a bit closer, everyone got dressed!   I took advantage and snapped a few pictures of Chloe outside!  She looked darling in her flower girl dress and her curls!

Wedding Time!

Chloe got to ride in a limo with Emma, my Uncle Bob, and the Maid of Honor, Breanna.  I don't think she has ever been in one I'm glad she had that fun experience.  The photographer showed us a few snapshots from the limo...she scored a beautiful moment between Chloe & Emma in the limo.  A framer for sure!

Here are a few snapshots from the actual was so tastefully done and incredibly elegant...I expected nothing less from my Aunt Lizzie {she has amazing taste}!!
Going clockwise:
Emma & Chloe at the reception // Evan, Chloe, and my cousin, Eddie //  Chloe & Aunt Liz // Chloe being introduced with the wedding party // extended family: my cousin Connor, cousin Maddie, my Aunt Katie and her daughter Charlotte, and sweet Chloe

We had the best time at the wedding...lots of good food, drinks & dancing!
Congratulations Emma & Adam!  So thankful we could be there to celebrate and Chloe could be apart of such a huge happening in your lives!

Saturday morning, we had a brunch to go to at Liz's Mother's house.  It was so relaxed...everything about being in Connecticut is great--the atmosphere is so chilled and loving.  I always love being there! 

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, drinking, and laughing.  Sunday morning we were all sad to leave...especially Chloe.  She cried for quite a while on the airplane.  I love that she loves being with my family...I have so many fond memories of them from my childhood...I'm glad she is able to now make her own memories too!

While we were at my Aunt's house, I noticed this photo of my cousin Connor.  I couldn't help but notice that he resembles Carter SO MUCH!  I always thought Carter was a Jenkins through and through, but I now see he got a bit of the Gallegos genes too!  The resemblance is uncanny!

Finally, while we were away, Carter stayed with my Mom & Jenks.  Well, I got several photos from Jenks on Sunday about their happenings.  I guess Carter woke up Sunday morning and requested they eat at Cracker Barrel...and so they did! 

Carter sitting at the table with the caution sign after he dropped his cup of OJ // Carter showing off his new helicopter that Jenks bought him // Carter waiting patiently for the table...he always goes directly to the toys and lines these cars up...EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

All in all, a great weekend!! But we sure were excited to get home and see our boy!

Happy Monday!


  1. I am glad you all was able to have a great time. I am sure it was nice being able to catch up & share a special occasion. Chloe looked so adorable in her dress & little curls... She is growing up so fast!

  2. Ashleigh, thanks girl!! We did have a great time! Chloe is growing up so fast...can't believe I have a school-aged kid!! Crazy...time flies when your having fun and running around like crazy :)