Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family Bowling Night

Chloe has been asking pretty frequently lately to go Bowling...we have been putting it off and putting it off...well, we finally gave in on Friday night.  Thankfully when we got was EMPTY!  We were worried about fighting a crowd, but apparently they don't get busy until 9pm or so...with small kiddos, we are definitely not out that late anymore {at least when the kids are in tow}! 
{who knew they made bowling shoes this tiny!!}

The kids had a blast!
The Pinnacle is so high-tech...when Blake & I would bowl, the bumpers would go down and when the kids were up, the bumpers would pop up.  I remember when we were kids--we played with those big, pillow type bumpers!  My how times have changed.

Chloe was a natural...she did the granny style bowling but that proved the most effective for her!

Carter, on the other hand, was all over the place {in a good way}!
When it was his turn, Blake or I would take the ball to the lane for him, have him crouch down and put his hands on the ball, and roll!  We, of course, would have to reach out every time and give it a good push so it would actually make it down the lane, but he didn't care.  He was SO proud of himself!

For your viewing pleasure ;)

Afterwards, we have a yummy dinner at El Comal. 
By the end of dinner, both kids were laying down at the table so I would say this activity was a big success!

I got this picture via text today: 

It is such a pretty day glad that Chloe goes to a school with such flexibility. 
Nice day out? Take lunch outside!!!

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