Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This past weekend I went to Gatlinburg for Brittnye's Bachelorette Party! We had a blast. We left Friday about 1030 or so. We stopped in Cookeville and ate at Cheddars! It was delish! We finally arrived in Gatlinburg around 7pm or so...We definitely took our time :) We had a yummy dinner that night courtesy of Susan (Britt's Mom). Saturday, we got up and shopped a bit and then started to set up for Britt's Lingerie Shower. I was so glad that everything worked out that day. At the shower, we played Adult Games :) and had tons of great food! Brittnye got lots of naughty and nice things to enjoy! We ended up going out a bit in Gatlinburg that night too....to the only hole in the wall bar there...it was fun! They had karaoke, which always provides a good time! Sunday, we had to be out by 10am....we got home pretty early in the afternoon, which was nice...I had plenty of time to recoup for Monday! Here are a few pictures to enjoy! :)
Had a great time girls!!
Ready for the Party!
The Bridesmaids!
Playing "How Well Do You Know Him?"
All Dressed Up!
"Good Friends are like stars...You don't always see them, but you know they are always there!"

So Monday, I sent Chloe to school like normal. I then get a call around 10am or so from the owner of the daycare. The first thing she says is "Chloe is okay"....well, starting a conversation like that is never good. If Chloe is okay, why are you calling? She then proceeded to tell me that Chloe was playing on the playground (actually she was running for a tricycle...i found out later) and she tripped on her shoes and chipped her tooth. WHAT? To say that I was freaking out was an understatement. I rushed to get her and see what the damage was. She was so sad...as soon as she saw me, she just bursted out into tears. To be honest, now that it has been a day or two, it is really not so bad. The bottom corner of her right tooth is gone.

She was pretty happy even though it had been a big day! :)
The Dentist gave us several different options: we can pull it (NO), we can bond it, or we can get a kiddie partial. I think we have decided to bond it and see how it goes. She said there is a 60% chance that the tooth will die and a big chance the bonding will pop off at some point....we will just have to hope for the best :) She does not go to get her tooth fixed until next Thursday...just in time to be in Britts Wedding :)


  1. glad you were able to get away for some girl time! chloe looks so adorable w/her chipped tooth! all my kids have several chipped teeth, lol!

  2. poor baby, I know little Chloe had to have hurt. I chipped a little smidge off mine this year and it hurt like heck.

  3. Glad to hear Chloe is ok. This happened to my daughter when she was in Kindergarten . She went down the slide and landed wrong and bit her tongue and chipped her tooth. They did the bonding thing also. It worked very well. We just had to remind her not to bite things such as carrots on her front teeth! And the tongue heals very quickly! She didn't even realize the tooth had been chipped until she looked in the mirror in the car and she freaked out!