Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sing Along

Last night, I prompted Chloe to sing some of the songs that she knows. It was a wide variety..."ABC's" "5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "Wheels on the Bus" "Itsy Bitsy Spider" adorable. This video was taken from my phone. The reason why it is side ways is because I was trying to inconspicuously take the video...she did realize what I was doing during the video taping but she just kept on going! So cute.

Also, we had her little chipped tooth fixed this morning. It was quite the experience. She did great. We went in at 9:45am she had a pretty white (not chipped) tooth! All in all, Dr. Beauchamp said she did great. She did not like the drilling/ filing at the end, but I don't blame her for that! Bless Chloe's little heart, at 2 1/2 she has already been to the dentist like 5 times! Yikes. So far, she does not seem too scared to go....thankfully! Here is a before picture of her taken this morning. I will post an after when I get a chance!

We have Brittnye and Steven's wedding festivities this weekend. All 3 of us are in the wish us luck. I hope Chloe will walk down the isle :)


  1. No song would be complete without a big "Yay!" at the end. Too precious!

  2. glad to hear her appt went well. she's such a cutie! i love your new background and header pic! see ya'll tonight!