Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Sweet Boy

Carter's Sitter, Cindy, sends me pictures periodically.  I love getting a glimpse of what his day looks like. It's like I get to be a fly on the wall.  Sometimes, she will send pictures because he wanted "Momma to see."  That really  makes my heart swell.

Carter is learning to write.  Cindy starts them by writing 'sticks' and 'balls'...because all letters incorporate these 2 things.  She said he doesn't love it, but we will get there!! 

He replicated the Disney Cruise Ship.  You can see the pride in his face! 

This was a fishing boat... 

Apparently, Carter likes to sleep on the shelf of the TV Stand :) 

Coloring & writing more sticks and balls...

Carter @ almost 3 is:
*the funniest, sweetest little boy you will ever meet
*never leaves the house or goes to bed without asking for "a kiss and a hug"--I will be so sad when he stops asking for this
*obsessed with movies / dvds--he loves to carry the DVD boxes with him everywhere
*loves his green doggie blanket and gets really upset if it is ever in the washer {will actually open the washer and pull it out if he realizes its in there}
*knows all of his ABC's, their sounds, and can recognize them in words
*can count to 20
*knows all his shapes
*knows that our  names are actually Blake and Fran---and sometimes will say my name is "Fran Jenkins & Wynne" :)

*last night in the car:
Carter: "Momma, a crescent!"
Me: "What Carter?"
Carter: "A crescent right theeeerrreee!"
Me: "Oh, the moon!  You are right, it's shaped like a crescent!"
WHAT!? How smart is that!  I was amazed!

*He loves milk and juice...would drink something before eating, but he LOVES to eat...snacks mostly!
*Wears a 3T-4T
*is fully potty trained except for at night
*is a fish...loves to swim with his puddle jumper, of course!
*favorite shows are Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies
*favorite movies are The Lorax, Sandlot, Nemo
*repeats everything we say
*likes to tell me "You are getting on my NERVOUS"...he means nerves, of course
*has a big spirit...always laughing, giggling, running, playing
*does love to throw a tantrum--arms flailing, legs shaking, tears falling

*adores his big sister--I hope they always love each other they way they do now
{lunch at Five Guys in Brentwood}

I am so thankful that I am a Mom of both a boy and a girl...a world of difference between the 2, but I love each of them so much!

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